If you are familiar with freelance work I’m sure you have heard of UpWork. UpWork is a platform which allows professionals(or talented people) to charge a fee per hour or take on jobs for a one time fee contingent upon completion. Types of work include freelance writing, marketing, software development, media production, data entry, teamContinue reading “UpWork”

Ideas For Bloggers: Increase Your Traffic

Are you putting your all into blogging only to feel shorthanded with visitors? I noticed a few people I follow have posted some articles pertaining to blogging skills. Here are the differences I have noticed between popular bloggers and less favored bloggers. Flow Great bloggers have articles that flow very well. Even when you areContinue reading “Ideas For Bloggers: Increase Your Traffic”

Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World

Something I find enthralling about blogs is the ability for writers and publishers to paint a picture with their words. Someone I follow on WordPress is V#MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS. The way she writes is very elusive , especially by current day standards. Being able to captivate an audience is much harder when writing versus using videos. OurContinue reading “Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World”

What Are You Searching For When Web Browsing?

This is a new one for me. The only place this post will be viewable will be under blog feed, as this falls into no category. We all are bloggers, content creators, and therefore you wouldn’t think we would need help writing about anything. Ironically, although we love writing for innumerable reasons, we still wantContinue reading “What Are You Searching For When Web Browsing?”