Health Insurance In The U.S. – What do y’all think?

This topic just dawned on me as we sit here in this hospital. My family has been in a hospital for 4 months now, as we had a preemie baby born at 23 weeks. This post will not include much about our baby, but if you are interested in that journey I will post aContinue reading “Health Insurance In The U.S. – What do y’all think?”

Stocks to Watch Right Now

Amiss the recent hit the stock market weathered due to the trade war between China and the U.S., stock values have decreased. Nearly every U.S. company took some form of loss. If you think like me you realize the trade war will be sorted out and stock values will rise soon. Thus, while the marketContinue reading “Stocks to Watch Right Now”

Trump Looking at Ending Birthright Citizenship

Remember, I am not in the business of choosing sides in politics, I just report news stories. You are encouraged to share your views in the comments below(just no racist comments allowed), open the discussion up! Furthermore, It is being reported that Donald Trump and his team is looking at ending birthright citizenship in theContinue reading “Trump Looking at Ending Birthright Citizenship”