Leasing Vs Buying A Car- Comparison & Financial Breakdown

Not much of an introduction is needed. This is not an article debating which is better. Both options carry their pros and cons; this is an article of me kindly doing the math so you don’t have to. My goal is to illustrate the financial comparison as well as the ulterior motive behind leasing andContinue reading “Leasing Vs Buying A Car- Comparison & Financial Breakdown”

Best 6 Cars that Haven’t Been Affected By “Snob” Pricing

If you have heard of the VinWiki channel on YouTube, it is about time you catch up. It is one of the most popular car enthusiast channels on the platform; it is filled with comedy, insight, business experience, and many other topics pertaining to the car(especially exotic car) market. Perhaps one of my favorite guests,Continue reading “Best 6 Cars that Haven’t Been Affected By “Snob” Pricing”

Toyota Supra-Does it live up to the Expectations?

The new Toyota Supra has cased quite the uproar in the automotive industry. Car lovers have always seemed to cherish the older models of this car, with the infamous 2JZ engine. Enthusiasts and fan boys of the Surpra would mod those engines to hell, resulting is 800+ HP coupes that could take off and leaveContinue reading “Toyota Supra-Does it live up to the Expectations?”