The Effects Anesthesia Has On Preemies(or newborns)

If your preemie has an upcoming surgery I’m sure you have been apprehensive. It is a big deal when anesthesia is used, especially if it is general anesthesia. General anesthesia means the person will be put to sleep entirely, this causes concern that our babies will be put to sleep eternally. Do not allow yourContinue reading “The Effects Anesthesia Has On Preemies(or newborns)”

Complications After Surgery-Preemie

Our baby just had eye surgery. This comes two weeks after she had her corrective NEC surgery. The eye surgery was solely on her eyes thus not manipulating or bothering her stomach, lungs, or anything else. After our baby’s corrective stomach surgery(2 weeks ago) she was eating for the first time and holding her feedsContinue reading “Complications After Surgery-Preemie”

NEC in Preemies

NEC, otherwise known as Necrotizing Enterocolitis, is a very serious issue that affects many prematurely born babies. The exact amount of premature babies afflicted by NEC varies(as preemies range from being born between 22 weeks to 37 weeks gestation) but it is somewhere around 10 percent. My child was diagnoses with NEC. This is aContinue reading “NEC in Preemies”