Stinger Gt or Toyota Supra

These two vehicles are the beginning of a new era. The world has always been blessed with performance cars, since the invention of vehicles. but not every manufacture has made performance cars. Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, and all other affordable/conventional car brands have made performance cars, likewise to Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. The change occurringContinue reading “Stinger Gt or Toyota Supra”

Toyota Supra-Does it live up to the Expectations?

The new Toyota Supra has cased quite the uproar in the automotive industry. Car lovers have always seemed to cherish the older models of this car, with the infamous 2JZ engine. Enthusiasts and fan boys of the Surpra would mod those engines to hell, resulting is 800+ HP coupes that could take off and leaveContinue reading “Toyota Supra-Does it live up to the Expectations?”