Stocks to Watch Right Now

Amiss the recent hit the stock market weathered due to the trade war between China and the U.S., stock values have decreased. Nearly every U.S. company took some form of loss. If you think like me you realize the trade war will be sorted out and stock values will rise soon. Thus, while the marketContinue reading “Stocks to Watch Right Now”

Stocks Plummet Due to China Trade War

I’m sure you have heard by now, the U.S. is engaged in a little dilemma with China. Is a trade war at its finest. The U.S. is taxing Chinese imports(imposing/raising tariffs), and they are taxing(raising tariffs) on U.S. imports. It’s basically a pissing match, who has the bigger balls type situation currently. Allegedly Trump andContinue reading “Stocks Plummet Due to China Trade War”

Stocks-Different kinds and how they work. -Finance-

The stock market is where many individuals choose to invest or secure their money. Stocks are not just for the wealthy and affluent, stocks are for everybody. Stocks are just one type of investment, other types of investments include(not limited to): Bonds, Annuities, Certificate of Deposits, Money Market Funds, Commodities, REIT(Real Estate Investment Trusts). WithContinue reading “Stocks-Different kinds and how they work. -Finance-“