STDs on The Rise in the U.S.

The U.S. is going through a rather unusual time. Reports of sexual activity are decreasing yet STD rates are increasing. I’m not sure how accurate these reports of sexual activity decreasing are, as often those who take surveys may be members of a certain demographic, or geographic which can affect survey results. Regardless of whetherContinue reading “STDs on The Rise in the U.S.”

Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World

Something I find enthralling about blogs is the ability for writers and publishers to paint a picture with their words. Someone I follow on WordPress is V#MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS. The way she writes is very elusive , especially by current day standards. Being able to captivate an audience is much harder when writing versus using videos. OurContinue reading “Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World”

Grocery Delivery-Our Future or a Fad?

I’m sure you have heard about some companies offering grocery foods delivery. Many stores have also started implementing order online pick up in store options. So at Kroger for example, you can order your groceries online and when you are ready to pick them up you notify the store and someone bundles and bags themContinue reading “Grocery Delivery-Our Future or a Fad?”