Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World

Something I find enthralling about blogs is the ability for writers and publishers to paint a picture with their words. Someone I follow on WordPress is V#MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS. The way she writes is very elusive , especially by current day standards. Being able to captivate an audience is much harder when writing versus using videos. OurContinue reading “Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World”

How do you Broadcast Your Preemies Birth?

This is the ultimate question. How do you broadcast the arrival of your preemie? It is not like a regular baby where you just take a family picture and post it to FaceBook. This is completely different. Preemie babies are in the twilight zone, completely disconnected from society and its norms. If you post aContinue reading “How do you Broadcast Your Preemies Birth?”