Paltering Or Withholding Information In Negotiations

Hindering pertinent information, is it ethical? This is the ultimate debate in the world of negotiations. Aside from legal requirements, there are often many facets of a business, asset, or whatever is being negotiated for that are not brought forth in business meetings. There are two ways an individual can deceive another party: failing toContinue reading “Paltering Or Withholding Information In Negotiations”

Negotiation Strategies #2 Win-Win vs Win-Loose

One strategy within the negotiation world is called win-win and win-loose negotiating. Both offer benefits and consequences. It is important to understand the undertones of these styles to use each accordingly. Win-win Win-win negotiation implies that both parties will gain something from the interaction. This means that not only both parties gain something tangible suchContinue reading “Negotiation Strategies #2 Win-Win vs Win-Loose”

Negotiation Strategies-Business & Finance

Having taken multiple courses in negotiation I will share some of the most interesting strategies and tools I learned. These are some things that may truly change how you approach negotiations. BATNA The golden rule of negotiation is to utilize your BATNA. BATNA stands for “best alternative to a negotiated agreement”. It is self explanatoryContinue reading “Negotiation Strategies-Business & Finance”