Going Home This Week-Preemie Story

If you have been following our story we have great news. It has been confirmed that we are heading home this week with our baby girl. We headed home this weekend to prepare, as we live 3 hours away form the hospital she is receiving care at. We unboxed and assembled all of her babyContinue reading “Going Home This Week-Preemie Story”

Our Baby Is Coming Home Soon-Preemie Story

If you have been using my preemie page to either learn about common preemie illnesses, keep up with a preemie story, or perhaps just out of boredom, you know it has been a long and rough road to say the least. I think the words violent, brutal, and vicious more appropriately describe the journey weContinue reading “Our Baby Is Coming Home Soon-Preemie Story”

Bottle Feeds- Preemie

If you have been keeping up I’m sure you know our baby is finally bottle feeding. After nearly 4 months in the hospital, and 3 months with her only source of nutrition being liquid administered via IV, our girl is finally eating. If you have a preemie with stomach issues, especially NEC, feeds will beContinue reading “Bottle Feeds- Preemie”

Level III & Level IV NICU Units

What level of care is best for your preemie baby? Many preemie parents are confused and lost in the Preemie and NICU world because they are NEW to it. That is ok, we were to. When our baby was born she was at a hospital with a level III(3) NICU unit. We stayed at thisContinue reading “Level III & Level IV NICU Units”

Stomach Drain Removal(Repl)-Preemies

Our baby finally had her repl (stomach drain) removed. It is pronounced “Re’ pO Gal” by the nurses. The repl is common in preemies. Look at the picture below, note the tube going thru this babies nose. This is the repl, it can go thru the nose or mouth, both options pass through throat andContinue reading “Stomach Drain Removal(Repl)-Preemies”

We made it to the swing- Preemie

We walked into the hospital today and were overcome with happiness to see our baby girl in a swing. It has been a long road, at times we never thought we would see this day. Surgery after surgery called for anxiety and ill thoughts. Staying positive is key for preemie parents, what the doctors tellContinue reading “We made it to the swing- Preemie”

NEC in Preemies

NEC, otherwise known as Necrotizing Enterocolitis, is a very serious issue that affects many prematurely born babies. The exact amount of premature babies afflicted by NEC varies(as preemies range from being born between 22 weeks to 37 weeks gestation) but it is somewhere around 10 percent. My child was diagnoses with NEC. This is aContinue reading “NEC in Preemies”