APRs and Interest Rates. Do you REALLY know where your money is going?

This is a topic that should be understood. I know many people who “buy” a house or a car with having little knowledge on where their money is actually going. When you hear the term “APR” what do you think of? Interest rate? Annual percentage rate? Me too. The only real difference between interest ratesContinue reading “APRs and Interest Rates. Do you REALLY know where your money is going?”

How To Achieve Greatness-For The Entrepreneur

Invest as little money as possible. Start Small. Don’t act off impulse. Don’t invest money you need(or savings) into your idea. Invest money you save specifically for your business. Stop going out for a year and take that 7,000 you save to use as your start up. Use money you earn from your early businessContinue reading “How To Achieve Greatness-For The Entrepreneur”

First House Is It Better To Rent or Buy

The age old debate, is it better to rent or buy a house? There is no cookie cutter answer as each choice carries pros and cons. The top factors you should consider when deciding on renting vs buying will be covered in this article. How is your credit: For some people they have no choiceContinue reading “First House Is It Better To Rent or Buy”

What Is Amazon Affiliate – How To Monetize Websites

This post will address Amazon Affiliate links, the insides and outs. I will provide all information required to start affiliate linking! What would this post be without posting my own affiliate links too(note the colored boxes throughout article)! Amazon Affiliate, What are they? Amazon Affiliate is simply a partnership between you and Amazon. You postContinue reading “What Is Amazon Affiliate – How To Monetize Websites”

How to Monetize Your Website

This is the one post I will make without having credentials backing my words. I will just share what I know and maybe you can learn something. If you have any trade secrets or advice for me I would appreciate it. There are these negative connotations associated with the idea of monetizing your site. IContinue reading “How to Monetize Your Website”

Top Things You Waste Money On

I know you don’t want to hear it. I know you want to slap me through the computer but I’m going to have to play dad and tell you what you don’t want to hear. You are wasting money and you need to cut it out, and wipe that smirk off your face. Even thoughContinue reading “Top Things You Waste Money On”

How to Budget Like a Pro

Ever caught yourself wondering if you should buy that new LV purse you have been eyeing? Or perhaps you’ve been eyeing a new sports car, watch, or whatever it may be. Maybe you are simply wondering if you should just go ahead and upgrade your Xfinity plan so you can watch all the games atContinue reading “How to Budget Like a Pro”

Paltering Or Withholding Information In Negotiations

Hindering pertinent information, is it ethical? This is the ultimate debate in the world of negotiations. Aside from legal requirements, there are often many facets of a business, asset, or whatever is being negotiated for that are not brought forth in business meetings. There are two ways an individual can deceive another party: failing toContinue reading “Paltering Or Withholding Information In Negotiations”

Trump Allegedly Inflating Foreign Business Affairs

There have been some differences in financial reports on behalf of Donald Trump. The discrepancies pertain to his Scotland Golf Course, the Turnberry and Aberdeen resorts. There resorts were declared to be worth more than 50 million each on his 2018 U.S. financial disclosure statements. However, at the same time, he listed both resorts onContinue reading “Trump Allegedly Inflating Foreign Business Affairs”

Certificate of Deposit(CDs)- Finance & Business

Certificates of Deposits are an investing option for people who are looking for another facet to add to their portfolio. I personally think stocks are a better option for investors, as long as you invest in very secure and historically stable companies, but certificate of deposits are liked by many. The difference of a CODContinue reading “Certificate of Deposit(CDs)- Finance & Business”