Artificial Content-Do you think this is acceptable?

For those who don’t know, many bloggers and website owners main motive is to earn revenue. I have nothing wrong with turning a hobby into a means of income. I have nothing wrong with people who build websites to create a source of income either; as long as the content is useful, entertaining, and original.Continue reading “Artificial Content-Do you think this is acceptable?”

What Is Amazon Affiliate – How To Monetize Websites

This post will address Amazon Affiliate links, the insides and outs. I will provide all information required to start affiliate linking! What would this post be without posting my own affiliate links too(note the colored boxes throughout article)! Amazon Affiliate, What are they? Amazon Affiliate is simply a partnership between you and Amazon. You postContinue reading “What Is Amazon Affiliate – How To Monetize Websites”

How to Monetize Your Website

This is the one post I will make without having credentials backing my words. I will just share what I know and maybe you can learn something. If you have any trade secrets or advice for me I would appreciate it. There are these negative connotations associated with the idea of monetizing your site. IContinue reading “How to Monetize Your Website”