What Formula To Use for Preemies?

Spending 4 months in the NICU taught me a surplus of information I never dreamed I would need. From learning that preemies can be born with closed eyelids(like ours)because the eyes are fused shut until around 24 weeks, or learning that most preemies are born with a small hole in their heart that will normallyContinue reading “What Formula To Use for Preemies?”

Bottle Feeds- Preemie

If you have been keeping up I’m sure you know our baby is finally bottle feeding. After nearly 4 months in the hospital, and 3 months with her only source of nutrition being liquid administered via IV, our girl is finally eating. If you have a preemie with stomach issues, especially NEC, feeds will beContinue reading “Bottle Feeds- Preemie”

First Bottle Feed- Preemie

Preemie parents are all the same, but are all subjected to different circumstance. No preemie story will be the same, which is why blogs are the best way to obtain knowledge and guidance. Different babies generally have similar care but there are so many diagnosis’s for preemie children there is no telling who will goContinue reading “First Bottle Feed- Preemie”