Huge Alligator Climbs Naval Base Fence in FL

We are always hearing about some crazy alligator in Florida, whether it is in a residents pool or driveway, it’s always something new. The latest story involves a alligator climbing a fence at the U.S. Naval Air Force Base in Jacksonville Florida. Once the alligator made it over the fence, the Air Force had itContinue reading “Huge Alligator Climbs Naval Base Fence in FL”

Florida Sees Influx of People Due to Low Taxes

Heritage Foundations’ chief economist Steve Moore expresses his thoughts on the high numbers of people from New York moving to the Sunshine State. Moore was quoted saying “this is the big demographic story on our country which may be the big economic story”. This means not only are the demographics changing as an effect ofContinue reading “Florida Sees Influx of People Due to Low Taxes”

Battery Charges Dropped Against Chris Brown

In 2017 Chris Brown was at a nightclub and allegedly punched a photographer whom was attempting to snap a photo of the singer. The nightclub was in Tampa Florida and the photographer was allegedly punched in the face; the altercation was said to be caught on camera. A Hillsborough county court member said the felonyContinue reading “Battery Charges Dropped Against Chris Brown”

Florida Man Dumps Dirt on Girlfriends Car-News

You read that right. A Florida man by the name of Hunter Mills used a front end loader to cover his girlfriends car in dirt. As you can see in the pictures this action caused some serious trouble. Criminal Mischief is what Hunter was charged with. The motive is unclear but I can speculate itContinue reading “Florida Man Dumps Dirt on Girlfriends Car-News”