Genesis- Cars to Watch G70,G80,G90

Genesis is one of those car brands that we see once in a while, but never hear much about. That may change sometime in the near future, as Genesis has made serious technological and performance upgrades in the past few years. Take the Genesis G70 for example, with the twin-turbo V6 engine it is asContinue reading “Genesis- Cars to Watch G70,G80,G90”

Best 6 Cars that Haven’t Been Affected By “Snob” Pricing

If you have heard of the VinWiki channel on YouTube, it is about time you catch up. It is one of the most popular car enthusiast channels on the platform; it is filled with comedy, insight, business experience, and many other topics pertaining to the car(especially exotic car) market. Perhaps one of my favorite guests,Continue reading “Best 6 Cars that Haven’t Been Affected By “Snob” Pricing”

Lincoln Aviator

This automobile changes everything, it is phenomenal in so many ways. The 2012 Lincoln Aviator is the perfect middle ground between a crossover SUV and large SUVs such as Expeditions, Suburbans, or Navigators. The Aviator has three rows of seats, offering more practicality than crossover SUVs which feature 2 rows of seats. I do likeContinue reading “Lincoln Aviator”