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Above are a few examples of our work: On the left are some wreaths we made and the right are some candles we have made for customers.

My Work

I am a college graduate with a BA in Business Management with a minor in Marketing; I also have a specialization in Marketing and Human Resources. I have worked both as an entrepreneur and for large corporations. I enjoy logistics, finance, management, and entrepreneurship. Aside from my business interests I enjoy blogging, art, cars, volunteer work, and being a father.

About Me

What we do:

Customer orders are specialized, allowing the option for custom orders. This is available for both candles and wreaths. We price very competitively, especially for the niche market of handmade candles and wreaths.


Do you need a wreath for your door with your family letter? Initials? Favorite sports team? We can handle that. Tropical wreath, midwestern wreath style, holiday wreath, anything is do-able.


Do you need a specialized order of candles? We offer jars, tins, or any other custom candle you can imagine. A very large variety of scents are able to be used. Labels can be customized as well. Weddings, formal events, parties, gifts, funny gags, whatever you need we are here for you. Contact us and we can make any idea of yours become a reality.


Wreaths are custom. Pick your theme, lettering, and style. Nothing is paid for until you are happy with your order. FaceTime or picture will be used to ensure you are happy with results before shipping. Thank you. or or reach out by cell number provided below.



Candles are custom made. Before you order reach out to discuss colors, smells, container style(jar, glass cube, tin) and custom labels(if desired). You don't pay until your order is verified and completed. Tracking number will be provided upon shipment. Thank you.


Another great cause

My mother is a teacher and my sister is a nurse at St. Jude Childrens Hospital. They hand knit scarfs, beanies, and other clothing with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Please visit to check out their inventory and mission.


Donations for our mission of helping other preemie parents, our website, and our child. Any amount is appreciated. I am not expecting anything, I am just making this an option because I don't know why I wouldn't. Any proceeds go to our childs' care and the further development of this website. Thank you kindly.


If you see boxes like the ones above on my site they are my affiliate sites. They are secure links to a product on either Amazon or WordPress. I appreciate any time you use one of my links to purchase something, funds go to our child and this informational website. Thank you!


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