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Check out St. Megs for custom candles and wreaths and One Stop Shop for preemie attire and other merchandise.


Some of our candles. We also do tins, jars, or special request orders. 100% natural soy, clean burning.

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Hand Made Candles. Hand Made Wreaths. Custom to your order. Special events.

One of our wreaths.

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Our candles are made with soy yielding a natural burn. Wreaths are made with love and reinforced for extra durability. Visit St. Megs page for candles and wreaths. Visit one stop shop for preemie apparel and other merchandise!

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Please browse. Proceeds go to the further development of our website and blog.


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If you are interested in donating to us for the betterment of this website, our childs' needs, or for any other purpose it is greatly appreciated. Quantity can be changed to increase the amount donated. Our baby says thank you!



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