Bugatti Reveals New 10 million dollar Supercar- Cars-News

Bugatti recently showcased their new supercar, it’s price point is an unfathomable 10 million dollars. The car is called the “Centodieci”. The previous model of Bugatti which this car is derived from is the EB110 model from the 90s. The car has a factory 0-60 time of 2.4 seconds. Of course factory 0-60 times mayContinue reading “Bugatti Reveals New 10 million dollar Supercar- Cars-News”

Tesla Roadster- Cars

The new Tesla roadster is noteworthy to say the least. Correct me if I am wrong but as far as production cars, I believe this is the fastest(0-60) to date. The company recorded time is 1.9 seconds, although recently test driver Emile said those numbers were “conservative”. Yes, you heard that right, conservative. This interviewContinue reading “Tesla Roadster- Cars”

Mercedes 2020 AMG C 43

Mercedes Benz has been working hard lately to manufacture vehicles that not only embrace luxury and performance but affordability as well. Mercedes offers sedans in the A class, C class, E class, and S class; not to mention their coupes, Maybach, and other vehicles. Their A class models are their most affordable vehicles. Starting atContinue reading “Mercedes 2020 AMG C 43”