Man shoots 2 men for Catcalling his girlfriend-News

A Houston man is in a bit of legal trouble after shooting 2 men who made verbal remarks to his girlfriend. The information is scarce at this point and the suspect and his girlfriend are wanted by police to this time. They have not been apprehended. The video is posted below. This is a primeContinue reading “Man shoots 2 men for Catcalling his girlfriend-News”

News Anchor Dies in Plane Crash – News

Nancy Parker, a New Orleans TV anchor died in a plane crash. Parker worked for Fox for 25 years, she was renowned in her field of work. She died alongside pilot Franklin Augustus. No word has surfaced as to what caused the crash, other than obvious technical/mechanical difficulties. The plane crashed in a field inContinue reading “News Anchor Dies in Plane Crash – News”

12 Year Old Girl Kills man while driving-Father is Charged with Homicide-News

47 year old Enrique Vazquez was killed walking his two dogs by a 12 year old girl. The girl was driving in the parking lot by their house with her father, whom was letting her drive. Thomas Tol is the name of the father and his official charge was criminally negligent homicide as well asContinue reading “12 Year Old Girl Kills man while driving-Father is Charged with Homicide-News”

Florida Man Dumps Dirt on Girlfriends Car-News

You read that right. A Florida man by the name of Hunter Mills used a front end loader to cover his girlfriends car in dirt. As you can see in the pictures this action caused some serious trouble. Criminal Mischief is what Hunter was charged with. The motive is unclear but I can speculate itContinue reading “Florida Man Dumps Dirt on Girlfriends Car-News”

Miley and Liam Split-News

Yes indeed, the rocky relationship of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has come to an end. Reports are still surfacing on the cause of the split, although many rumors are spreading. Celebrity TV claims Liams’ family urged him to solidify his decision. Apparently his family claimed it is about time that “toxic” relationship came toContinue reading “Miley and Liam Split-News”