Bret Baier Challenges Trump to an Interview

Fox News’ Bret Baier does not like what Trump has to say about the news channel. Trump recently bashed Fox News citing “his worst polls have always been from Fox” as well as “Fox News just isn’t what it used to be”. Bret Baier, host of the “Special Report”, is a 49 year old FoxContinue reading “Bret Baier Challenges Trump to an Interview”

Battery Charges Dropped Against Chris Brown

In 2017 Chris Brown was at a nightclub and allegedly punched a photographer whom was attempting to snap a photo of the singer. The nightclub was in Tampa Florida and the photographer was allegedly punched in the face; the altercation was said to be caught on camera. A Hillsborough county court member said the felonyContinue reading “Battery Charges Dropped Against Chris Brown”

Colin Kaepernick credits 2015 Mario Woods Shooting for Sparking His Activism

Recently while speaking with Paper Magazine, Colin Kaepernick unveiled personal details about himself and his path. He credited the 2015 Mario Woods shooting as the event which led to his infamous refusal to stand during the National Anthem. Woods was a San Fransisco man who was killed by police in 2015. Allegedly, Woods had aContinue reading “Colin Kaepernick credits 2015 Mario Woods Shooting for Sparking His Activism”

World Report and U.S. News rated “Best Cars for Teens”-Cars

Looking to get your child a new car? Well U.S. News & World Report have done the due diligence for you. These are their best rated cars for you to buy your teenage child(all 2019 models): Hyundai Accent, Volkswagen Jetta, Honda HR-V, Kia Forte, Kia Soul, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sante Fe, Toyota Camry Hybrid, ToyotaContinue reading “World Report and U.S. News rated “Best Cars for Teens”-Cars”

ISIS is regaining strength in Iraq and Syria-News

Allegedly, according to U.S. military intelligence officers, Isis is regaining some financial means and striking guerrilla attacks throughout Syria and Iraq. Also there are reports that new recruitment events are being held at an allied run tent camp. An estimate of as many as 18,000 mobilized fighters for ISIS remain in Syria and Iraq. Remember,Continue reading “ISIS is regaining strength in Iraq and Syria-News”

NYPD fires Daniel Pantaleo For death of Eric Garner – News

NYPD recently finalized their investigation of the death of Eric Garner and the police officer involved in the incident(Daniel Pantaleo). Pantaleo was suspended after the incident which occurred 5 years ago, but was later offered a desk job(as an officer) for the department. The decision was officiated by an administrative judge, who ultimately determined theContinue reading “NYPD fires Daniel Pantaleo For death of Eric Garner – News”

Facebook Confirms they listen to Audio Messages-News

Facebook outsourced with intentions to develop their voice recognition software. The contractors to which they outsourced confirmed they had no idea how Facebook got the voice recordings which were sent to said contractors. Facebook responded to these reports by saying the audio messages they recorded were collected from users who “confirmed the option in theirContinue reading “Facebook Confirms they listen to Audio Messages-News”

Bugatti Reveals New 10 million dollar Supercar- Cars-News

Bugatti recently showcased their new supercar, it’s price point is an unfathomable 10 million dollars. The car is called the “Centodieci”. The previous model of Bugatti which this car is derived from is the EB110 model from the 90s. The car has a factory 0-60 time of 2.4 seconds. Of course factory 0-60 times mayContinue reading “Bugatti Reveals New 10 million dollar Supercar- Cars-News”

Sovern Citizen gets car window broken by Police-News

Officer Matt Fritz recently had an interesting traffic stop. He pulled over a self proclaimed “govern citizen” for undisclosed reasons and subsequently asked the man to step out of the vehicle. The man refused and eventually the fire department arrived on scene to assist with removing the citizen from his vehicle. The mans window wasContinue reading “Sovern Citizen gets car window broken by Police-News”