What Makes a Good Leader

Leadership is different than management. Managers have the authority to coerce subordinates to follow directions. Leaders have the respect which enables them to give directions to subordinates. See the main difference is people want to follow the lead/direction of leaders, where as they have to follow the lead/direction of managers. Although leadership and management isContinue reading “What Makes a Good Leader”

Breaking Bad Has Filmed A Movie

Breaking Bad actor Bob Odenkirk, also known as Saul Goodman, revealed a Breaking Bad movie has been filmed. It is unclear when or if the movie will ever make it to our TV screens but it is official, it does exist. This report derives from an interview Bob had with the Hollywood Reporter. Bob saidContinue reading “Breaking Bad Has Filmed A Movie”

Bachelor In Paradise Star Christian Estrada Accused of…

Bachelor in Paradise star Christian Estrada(the one Jordan threw to the ground) is being accused of having sex with his ex-girlfriends mom(who happens to be a Mexican Rock Star). Alejandre Guzman is the Mexican rock star, and she is the mother to Christians ex Frida Sofia. In the picture the left is Alejandre, middle isContinue reading “Bachelor In Paradise Star Christian Estrada Accused of…”

Trump Looking at Ending Birthright Citizenship

Remember, I am not in the business of choosing sides in politics, I just report news stories. You are encouraged to share your views in the comments below(just no racist comments allowed), open the discussion up! Furthermore, It is being reported that Donald Trump and his team is looking at ending birthright citizenship in theContinue reading “Trump Looking at Ending Birthright Citizenship”

Huge Alligator Climbs Naval Base Fence in FL

We are always hearing about some crazy alligator in Florida, whether it is in a residents pool or driveway, it’s always something new. The latest story involves a alligator climbing a fence at the U.S. Naval Air Force Base in Jacksonville Florida. Once the alligator made it over the fence, the Air Force had itContinue reading “Huge Alligator Climbs Naval Base Fence in FL”

Dog the Bounty Hunters Wife Dead From Cancer- Her Final Moments

Beth Chapman “choked on cancer” in her final moments. Beth allegedly told her husband to look at her, and then she immedialy started gasping for breaths and 911 was called. These reports were delivered via Beths daughter, who was there when the incident occurred. Beth died that day, which was June 26, 2019. Reports ofContinue reading “Dog the Bounty Hunters Wife Dead From Cancer- Her Final Moments”

Man Commits Suicide After Bullying Due to Transgender Partner

Maurice Willoughby recently took his life as a result of bullying, especially cyber-bullying. Maurice was associated with a transgender person, the two were lovers. Maurice often would broadcast their relationship online with pictures or videos via social media sites. Maurice apparently couldn’t cope with the backlash he was receiving online. A video surfaced online ofContinue reading “Man Commits Suicide After Bullying Due to Transgender Partner”

Trump Allegedly Inflating Foreign Business Affairs

There have been some differences in financial reports on behalf of Donald Trump. The discrepancies pertain to his Scotland Golf Course, the Turnberry and Aberdeen resorts. There resorts were declared to be worth more than 50 million each on his 2018 U.S. financial disclosure statements. However, at the same time, he listed both resorts onContinue reading “Trump Allegedly Inflating Foreign Business Affairs”

Florida Sees Influx of People Due to Low Taxes

Heritage Foundations’ chief economist Steve Moore expresses his thoughts on the high numbers of people from New York moving to the Sunshine State. Moore was quoted saying “this is the big demographic story on our country which may be the big economic story”. This means not only are the demographics changing as an effect ofContinue reading “Florida Sees Influx of People Due to Low Taxes”

Jay Z Becomes Involved with the NFL

Jay Z has been all over the news lately pertaining to his deal with the NFL. Jay Z owns Roc Nation which is a multifaceted company with services ranging from music to sports agents. Jay Z(Roc Nation) signed a joint entertainment and social activism venture with the NFL last week. It is not exactly cleanContinue reading “Jay Z Becomes Involved with the NFL”