Florida Sees Influx of People Due to Low Taxes

Heritage Foundations’ chief economist Steve Moore expresses his thoughts on the high numbers of people from New York moving to the Sunshine State. Moore was quoted saying “this is the big demographic story on our country which may be the big economic story”. This means not only are the demographics changing as an effect ofContinue reading “Florida Sees Influx of People Due to Low Taxes”

Negotiation Strategies #2 Win-Win vs Win-Loose

One strategy within the negotiation world is called win-win and win-loose negotiating. Both offer benefits and consequences. It is important to understand the undertones of these styles to use each accordingly. Win-win Win-win negotiation implies that both parties will gain something from the interaction. This means that not only both parties gain something tangible suchContinue reading “Negotiation Strategies #2 Win-Win vs Win-Loose”

Staring a Small Business

Are you looking to start a business for some extra income? Maybe you are looking to start a business for a primary income. Either full time or side hustle, you will need to do you due diligence. Starting a business is feasible, but not nearly as easy as it sounds. You must realize you canContinue reading “Staring a Small Business”

Negotiation Strategies-Business & Finance

Having taken multiple courses in negotiation I will share some of the most interesting strategies and tools I learned. These are some things that may truly change how you approach negotiations. BATNA The golden rule of negotiation is to utilize your BATNA. BATNA stands for “best alternative to a negotiated agreement”. It is self explanatoryContinue reading “Negotiation Strategies-Business & Finance”

Certificate of Deposit(CDs)- Finance & Business

Certificates of Deposits are an investing option for people who are looking for another facet to add to their portfolio. I personally think stocks are a better option for investors, as long as you invest in very secure and historically stable companies, but certificate of deposits are liked by many. The difference of a CODContinue reading “Certificate of Deposit(CDs)- Finance & Business”

Stocks-Different kinds and how they work. -Finance-

The stock market is where many individuals choose to invest or secure their money. Stocks are not just for the wealthy and affluent, stocks are for everybody. Stocks are just one type of investment, other types of investments include(not limited to): Bonds, Annuities, Certificate of Deposits, Money Market Funds, Commodities, REIT(Real Estate Investment Trusts). WithContinue reading “Stocks-Different kinds and how they work. -Finance-“

Bad Credit? Best way to build it.

Credit is the golden key for some, and a cursing for others. Whether we like it or not, credit follows us wherever we go and it plays a critical role in our adult lives. For those of us with bad credit, there is hope, all is not lost. With that being said it will takeContinue reading “Bad Credit? Best way to build it.”