Some of The Most Lucrative College Degrees

Are you looking to go back to school? Perhaps you are graduating high school and contemplating what course of study and career path you should pursue. Here are some of the best degrees to get in reference to: pay, demand, gratification.

Biomedical Engineer: Mean Salary: 60-100,000 USD annually. Sector Growth: Expected to grow between 50-75% in coming years. Gratification: Employees in this field report feeling a high level of meaning. Duties: Duties could include(not limited to): creating cures and analyzing samples.

Occupational Therapy: Mean Salary: 50-85,000 USD. Growth: Expected to grow 25% in coming years. Gratification: Helping people recover from accidents must feel rewarding. Helping disabled individuals improve their physical and cognitive skills provides a high level of mental satisfaction. Duties: Helping individuals regain muscle function by working with muscles and cognitive connections.

Physician Assistant: Salary: 80-100,000 USD. Growth: The health care sector is growing exponentially, demand for such employees is growing as well. Gratification: Health care provides employees with a sense of meaning and satisfaction as they are helping others. A survey reported 86% of physician assistants feel high levels of gratification from their job duties. Duties: Working under a doctor and helping provide insight pertaining to diagnosis and cure.

Web Development: Salary: 37-85,000 USD. Growth: Expected to growth 24% by 2024. Gratification: Payscale reports employees in this field to earn a high level of satisfaction. Duties: Working for companies as a contractor or running your own business creating websites and improving SEO.

Translation/Interpreter: Salary: 25-80,000 USD. Growth: Expected to grow 21% by 2021. Gratification: High. Duties: Translating for companies, law enforcement, or government employees. Any time you know an extra language(especially Spanish or Chinese) you are at an automatic advantage in the business world.

Thoughts? Comment below. List your experience or ideas. Thanks – Andrew

Jaguar F-Type

My wife and I were on our way to the hospital too see our baby and we came across a car that looked peculiar. It was trying to make a left turn and only had its side exposed to us. For about 20 seconds we were awing over the striking nature of the car but we were also perplexed as to what type of car it was. I have a relatively profound knowledge on automobiles but even I was unsure. Turns out it was a Jaguar F-Type, it was beautiful. After seeing such a car I found it appropriate to write about the Jaguar F-Type.

Price: The price of the Jaguar F-Type ranges from 61,600 to over 123,000. The main contributor to the price is the engine size; next comes AWD options and luxury options.

Engine Options: 2.0L Turbocharged I4(296 HP); 3.0L Supercharged V6(340 HP); 3.0L Supercharged V6(380 HP) This model is available in RWD & AWD; 5.0L Supercharged V8(550 HP) AWD; 5.L Supercharged V8(575 HP) AWD

Appearance Options: Checkered Flag Option: includes black roof, exclusive wheels, and checkered flag badges, headrest embossed with flags, brushed aluminum trim interior(adds 10,000). Black Exterior Package: Gloss black aerodynamic splitter, grille surround, side vents, hood louvers, side window surround, rear valence. Rims: A variety of 19” rims with different spoke patterns and trims available. Steering Wheel: Flat bottom or round bottom. Seatbelts: Red seatbelt available for 300 USD.

Performance: The 5.0L V8 Supercharged with 575 HP propels from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. This is comparable to many other high priced sports cars. The other models 0-60 times become gradually slower as the HP decreases. Top speed for the 5.0L V8 is a ridiculous 200 mph.

Thoughts: I think the car is absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect concoction of elegance, beauty, power, and style. On paper the performance is phenomenal, 3.5 seconds is the same class as many supercars. It is worth noting the sound the car produces resembles a T-Rex preparing to feast on a meal; it is truly captivating. With all of those pros, here comes the cons. I just would be very hesitant to invest in this car with the notoriously poor reputation of Jaguar vehicles. Reliability is not a heavily reported strong point for this company. What do you think? Have you owned one? Know anyone who has? Comment below.

What Are You Searching For When Web Browsing?

This is a new one for me. The only place this post will be viewable will be under blog feed, as this falls into no category. We all are bloggers, content creators, and therefore you wouldn’t think we would need help writing about anything. Ironically, although we love writing for innumerable reasons, we still want our content to be viewed. What is the purpose of researching, structuring, venting, or pouring our hearts out if nobody is affected by what we write. The only way I can possibly come up with a strategy is to put myself in other peoples shoes. When I am browsing the web or scrolling on WordPress reader to find something to read I am looking for a few things. I am looking for something I can learn from, be entertained by, relate to, or grow from. That is a pretty broad definition of what I peruse for, or at least it becomes broad in a practical manner. Each of those factors could include an array of material; for example something I can “learn from” could be sports, business, family care, work, education, and the list goes on. Each of those can be further derived into more categories making the things I am looking for endless. So when I created my site I tried to fulfill “my” wants as that is what I expect others to peruse for as well. Perhaps I am wrong. My site includes specialty and broad topics making it unique. Perhaps it would be intelligent to compartmentalize my topics into entirely different websites. So I would appreciate some feedback. What are you guys looking for while browsing around? I have provided a survey below and I am curious as to what sort of content would better retain your views and attention. Feel free to comment below, I would appreciate any feedback. I want to personally thank anybody who has followed me or supported my site. I promise to uphold my content publishing pace and continue to provide better and more advanced content for you all. Please view my website as I have categories consisting of news, preemies, finance, health, and cars; these categories can be found at the menu at the top of the page.

Grocery Delivery-Our Future or a Fad?

I’m sure you have heard about some companies offering grocery foods delivery. Many stores have also started implementing order online pick up in store options. So at Kroger for example, you can order your groceries online and when you are ready to pick them up you notify the store and someone bundles and bags them up for your convenience. That is actually a dandy idea; but grocery delivery straight to your house, that sounds skeptical.

How will the groceries remain fresh? What kind of groceries will be delivered? How many stops will the delivery driver make before dropping your groceries off at your house thus subjecting them to be weathered? These are all reasonable questions. Well, here are your answers.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is the name of the innovative grocery delivery store/service. For a monthly subscription, Amazon offers a service which allows you to order foods from stores in your proximity. The monthly subscription is 14.99 a month, deliveries are free unless you order under 40 dollars worth of groceries(in this case it charges you a 9.99 delivery fee). Perishable food is kept in temperature regulated tote-like coolers which are filled with ice until delivered. You are able to schedule your deliveries at any time that is most convenient for you. So if you are working until 5 you can place an order on lunch break and schedule delivery for 6 pm, it will arrive right on time. Amazon Fresh works in conjunction with local grocery stores; keeping up on inventory, and placing their store options on Amazon Fresh’s website. You log in, build your cart, place your order, schedule delivery time, and food is delivered. Unless you are ordering under 40 dollars worth of food, you will be paying no more than if you went to the store physically(besides your monthly subscription). Check out this picture below of the online store.

Here it is. What do y’all think?

What do you think? McDonaldization of Society:

If you have ever studied sociology you will know what the “McDonaldization of America” theory is. Basically this means everything from fast food, to WalMarts(offering everything), are centered around the basis of CONVENIENCE. Convenience, practicality, efficiency, calculability, and prediction is the essence of the “McDonaldization” theory. It was titled this due to McDonalds exponential growth throughout the world. Before fast food existed people had to grill, prepare, dress the burger, and take TIME to make a meal; now you can just wait in a line for 2 minutes and have food at your disposal. Well, Amazon Fresh will serve as an example. I am all for convenience, I truly am. I am not bashing this idea, I am actually mad I didn’t think of it. We will always need grocery stores(place of storage for food), Amazon Fresh will not eliminate grocery stores. It just makes me wonder where our world will be in 20 years. For a free trail of Amazon Fresh click the colored links/boxes below.


What do you guys think? I would appreciate some feedback on anything I post, I would love to engage in conversation with my followers. Please check out my other articles as well. I have categories ranging from preemies, cars, finance, news, and health; I have some really interesting articles on my website. Thanks y’all!

First House Is It Better To Rent or Buy

The age old debate, is it better to rent or buy a house? There is no cookie cutter answer as each choice carries pros and cons. The top factors you should consider when deciding on renting vs buying will be covered in this article.

How is your credit:

For some people they have no choice whether to rent or buy. If your credit is low, or you have no credit established, you will likely be forced to rent. Most conventional mortgage loans require at least a 620 credit score to qualify. So if you are just starting to build your credit, or have none, renting will be the answer for you.

What is the demographic, or geographic location the house occupies:

Why does this matter? Well lets say you are thinking of purchasing a home in a small country town. If you choose to buy the house(start making payments) and you decide you want to sell in 5 years to upgrade, you may have a hard time doing so. If you choose to buy a house make sure it is in a good location; preferably a location that will increase in, or retain, the value and demand of the home over time. If you are currently living somewhere(due to job) you are unsure you will stay long-term, renting will offer you the freedom of being able to move at a whim. If you get a deal on a house in Beverly Hills and somehow manage to buy a million dollar house for 250,000 of course that would be nice. You would be able to sell it in a heartbeat for a profit and move on, but not all homeowners are so fortunate.

Do you plan to stay in said house long-term:

This ties into previous section regarding the location of the house. How long do you see yourself occupying a house? If you plan to live there forever, then yes, buying is the proper move. If you are unsure about future obligations or circumstances then perhaps look into renting. People always say “it’s better to buy a house because you don’t waste money and you can sell it when you want to move/upgrade”. This statement is partially true but selling a house is not as easy as you think depending on the circumstance; you may end up taking a loss on the house, or you may end up trying to sell it for 5 years thus hindering your ability to purchase a new house.

Financial Incentives:

Lets hypothetically say you can either rent a house(200,000 dollar house) for 800 a month or purchase it with a 10% downpayment for 700 a month. After two years you would have spent 19,200 if renting, and 16,800(payment) + 20,000(downpayment) if buying. So on one hand you have a 36,800 investment(own) and on the other you have a 19,200(rent) investment. If you choose to move you may be forced to sell the house for 150,000 thus loosing most of your investment. This is why I suggest if you do rent do not rent for more than 2-4 years without transitioning to purchasing a house. If you plan on purchasing a house do not do so unless you foresee yourself being there for at least 5 years.


Rent: Usually no credit required, flexibility to move, no responsibilities as far as maintenance(plumbing, electrical, ect.), more convenient

Buy: Typically can get investment back if you stay in a given house for at least 5 years, builds credit, you own the house(can not be pushed out), saving money in long run(if you stay a while)


Rent: May not build credit if you pay landlord cash, may be subject to landlords terms, will loose money if you rent for extended periods of time

Buy: Subjected to maintenance costs, may loose money and have difficulty selling house if you stay there for short stint of time, contractually obliged, may have bad neighbors and be stuck, location of house may diminish thus lowering value of house


Both renting and buying have their benefits. What experience do you have with renting or buying? Care to share below? Thanks for reading. I am attempting to encourage a more interactive site. Please feel free to comment and I will respond. Please view my other articles, subjects include; preemies, finance, health, news, cars. Thanks y’all!

Amazon Prime Video- Better than Netflix? Hulu?

Something I came across lately was Amazon Prime Video. This is an interesting new approach to the technological world of TV shows, movies, and more. I currently use Hulu, witch includes a monthly fee. I have no beef with Hulu but I am presently contemplating on switching to Amazon Prime Video Channels. The motive for switching is the money I would be saving.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

The facet that is so attractive to me about Amazon Prime Video Channels is the flexibility offered to users. For example, lets say you spend 30 dollars on Netflix or 80 dollars on Hulu every month. Now maybe you do view multiple shows and titles each month. If you are like me however, I usually am only into one show at a time. So instead of spending 80 dollars a month on a subscription that is not fully utilized, I could be spending 3-5 dollars a month on that certain channel or show that I do watch. My wife and I watch the Bachelor and BIP now, so I could subscribe to ABC and record each show and save a lot of money. Amazon Prime lets you choose whatever channels and shows you watch and make a plan that is right for you.

Channels Offered:

ABC, Showtime, HBO, MLB, CBS, Starz, Cinemax, Boomerang, and many more.

How to sign up:

I am signing up for Amazon Prime Video today with their free trial, I have provided a link below for you to do the same. The trail is free and you can easily cancel your subscription before you are charged if you do not like it.

Does anybody have any experience with Price Video? Any grievances? Please comment and share your experience below. Thanks for reading! -Andrew

PVL In Preemies

This is a rough topic for me to discuss as our baby is afflicted with PVL. PVL is a brain condition often present in preemies. Periventricular Leukomalacia is the official title, yet it is often just referred to as PVL. If your child has PVL, you need to be aware of this yet you need to not become overwhelmed with worry or panic.

What is PVL?

PVL is essentially small, dead, pockets in the brain of a baby. The dead matter in the brain is is in close proximity to fluid filled areas called ventricles. The dead matter in the brain usually only occupies a very small portion of the brain relative to the size of the whole brain.

Note the White Matter in the picture. The white matter is the damaged brain(dead brain). This is a more severe case of PVL.

What are potential effects of PVL?

This is the scary part for us parents dealing with PVL. Potential side effects are unknown and are impossible to predict. Doctors and providers alike are obliged to address potential long term effects of PVL; this is often to protect themselves from malpractice suits and for other legal and policy related reasons. If I had a dollar every time a doctor told us our baby was a candidate for death I’d have a new Mercedes Benz. So your doctor will likely tell you long-term effects could include Cerebral Palsy and other learning or physical disabilities. With this said take it with a grain of salt, as you can die from a wisdom teeth removal but it is not likely nor guaranteed.

What Can I do To Mitigate The Situation:

Nothing can be done to ameliorate PVL and said symptoms. The only course of action that can be taken is to moderate the PVL and its progression or remission. As long as the PVL is not progressing and getting worse, you should be thankful. The brain(especially the growing brain) is constantly producing and forming new synapses and neurological connections; this means there may be no effect of PVL. If the PVL is small and in a certain place in your preemies brain it may never yield long-term negative effects.

How do doctors keep up with PVL:

A brain ultrasound or MRI reading will determine the seriousness of PVL(dead matter) in your childs’ brain. Usually in NICUs ultrasounds or MRIs will be conducted every few weeks.

What Course of Action Will be Taken:

Physical and developmental therapy will be implemented by doctors in the NICU. All you can do is be there for your child. Read to your child, do body massages on your child(stimulate muscle activity) and spend all the time you can with them. There are studies that show the benefits of skin-to-skin, body massages, and talking to or playing music for preemies. Any form of stimulation will improve brain growth and thus improve the chance your child accomplishes their milestones appropriately.

Don’t worry about what can not be controlled:

You can sit around all day worrying about what might be. Just remember, if your child is still alive you are blessed. Many parents do not get to leave the NICU with a baby. Feel fortunate to still have your child and focus on what you can do to help your baby have the best life possible.

Going through something similar. Have a baby with PVL. Comment below, share your story and experience. The more stories and advice the better for people going through these hard times. Thanks!

What Is Amazon Affiliate – How To Monetize Websites

This post will address Amazon Affiliate links, the insides and outs. I will provide all information required to start affiliate linking! What would this post be without posting my own affiliate links too(note the colored boxes throughout article)!

Amazon Affiliate, What are they?

Amazon Affiliate is simply a partnership between you and Amazon. You post affiliate links on your pages or posts, and anytime someone clicks on the link you posted and purchases something from Amazon, you earn a percentage of that sale. The commission rate is actually quite generous if you ask me; commissions are based upon the sale price, not the profit Amazon makes.

How to become an Affiliate:

To become an affiliate of Amazon, simply google to amazon associates and click “sign up”. I’m honestly not sure if there is an application for it as there is for WordPress associates, but if there is it is pretty immediate. If I remember correctly I simply clicked “sign up” entered my website name ( and was accepted instantly.

What are the conditions:

As long as you get 3 referral sales within a 6 month period, you are solid. If you fail to refer 3 people to Amazon per your links in the first 6 months you will be “auto rejected”(as the affiliate customer support employee informed me). However, I was told if you do happen to get “auto rejected” you are able to re-apply and will be accepted thus having an opportunity to try again.

How do I post affiliate links on my website and posts? I can not write code:

Fear not if you can not write code. Simply add a “button”(for WordPress) and post the “simple link” option of the product. Once you become an Affiliate you are able to log in to your associate account; From there you search for any product you want to post a link to. Once you get to the product you want to post via their search bar, click “get link”. See below.

This will take you to a page that offers a text and picture link, a text only link, and an image only link. Click text only and then you will have an HTML link, standard link, and short link. I am currently using the “standard link” option(under text only) as that seems the simplest for my website. The HTML link features a picture by the link you post, simple link does not. Figure out what is easiest for you and what works best then go for it. Example provided below.

What Products Do I Post Links To?

Post links to any product you like! If you are blogging about health post your favorite water bottle or pair of running shoes. Blogging about sleep well post your favorite mattress or blanket. Anything is possible. You can even post links that are not applicable to anything you are blogging about; this provides you a better chance to earn some compensation for all of your hard work.

How Long After They Click My Link will I receive compensation?

Great question asked by many. If you click my link right now for the next 24 hours ANYTHING you purchase from Amazon will be credited to me, as I referred you to Amazon. There is a trick where you can embed a cookie that allows you to earn commission from anything someone purchases within a 90 day window. I do not employ this tactic as it seems a bit unethical but I also admit I do not know how to do it. You post a link that adds the product to their cart when they click it and somehow that gives you commission for 90 days. If you do employ this method I do not judge you; like I said no one is getting rich unless they have a BOATLOAD of traffic and we all need to support our families.

What is the percentage you receive from Amazon:

A few of these categories may be slightly different now. This just gives you an idea.


I like to post these buttons because A) they don’t take up any space hardly B) They are relatively non distractive to readers C) They don’t take away from my content as I do not have to dedicate time to promote the item or tell people what it is. You can do whatever works best for you. Posting links with pictures is probably more appealing to consumers it just takes up more space. Figure out what works for you and apply it to your site. I also like entering custom messages in my buttons like “Denim Jeans, Link, Thanks- Drew”. This lets people know it is not a regular ad and it shows my appreciation to my readers.

Overall thoughts:

Unless you refer 1000 people to Amazon a month(who all make a purchase) you will not be able to earn a living off of this. With that said you work hard so don’t be weary to try to earn a couple extra bucks off of your work. You pay for a hosting site, you pay for your domain, you put in at least 200 hours of labor into your hobby a month; it is ok if you try to help pay for your babies diapers while you are at it. I will still view your site! It doesn’t discredit your work at all, unless you just post blank or poor quality posting with 1,000,000 links on it. I spend at least 45 minutes writing this article trying to help others so if someone is deterred by me using affiliate links I’m sorry.

Best Way To Ace The Job Interview- Signs You Bombed It

If you follow these rules you are sure to ace the job interview. People like authenticity. With no further ado, I present to you my 6 tricks to guarantee that job offer.

Job interviews are traditionally unpredictable thus provoking anxiety and feelings of dismay. These consternations are warranted, as there are countless articles on the internet with advice for how to not be nervous before the big day. You are playing games in your head asking yourself “will I answer the questions right” or “I’m probably not qualified”. Perhaps you are thinking that there will be a better candidate than you, you need to relax. The first thing you need to realize is you would not have an interview scheduled if you did not fit the qualifications. Very rarely HR will select a few candidates who are under qualified just to fulfill the quota within their procedure. What I am saying is sometimes jobs know who they are going to hire but call in applicants for interviews so they can say they did their due diligence. There is a slim to none chance that is what is happening to you, so get your confidence up and relax. Here are some tips to help you ace your interview.

How to Ace the Interview

1)Remain Confident, but Not Arrogant: You got called in for an interview, you should be proud of yourself. Something within your resume whether that be credentials or experience has earned you an interview; you need to realize this. Be confident, you are not under qualified. Shake their hands and look them in their eyes, be down to earth. Many hiring managers want someone who is down to earth and rational as opposed to someone who thinks he is God. Carry yourself in a presentable, non arrogant fashion.

2)Answer Questions Like You Are Talking To Your Wife: There is no way to predict the questions you will be asked. Sure you will be asked the “what would you do in this situation” questions as well as “why do you think you would be good for this job” question. Other than those two, it’s impossible to predict what you are going to be asked. Do not sit around all day and attempt to predict what you will be asked, you will stress yourself out. Instead when you are asked hard questions take a second to think, and answer to the best of your ability. Don’t get nervous, just answer each question as you would answer a question your wife asked you(like how are we going to fix the washer).

3)Research Position and Job Duties Before The Interview: This is a big one. Having researched the position and duties before going in will REALLY give you an edge. This gives you the opportunity to refresh knowledge, as well as put you in a position to ask THEM certain job specific questions. This will not only show you care but it will show your work ethic and responsibility.

4)Be friendly to everyone: Self explanatory, just smile and be cordial.

5)Don’t act out of character or put on a facade: Don’t act like you are the happiest, funniest, smartest, most genuine, serious, of whatever it may be. Many people try to put on some form of facade during interviews to be perceived as who they think the interviewees want them to be. This is hog-wash, just be yourself and be professional. A facade will only put you at a disadvantage.

6)Thank them and call them by name: These people just gave you an interview. Thank them genuinely. If you really appreciate the opportunity they will be able to tell. Thank them for their time and the opportunity. Also, call them by name if you can, if you can’t remember stick with sir or mamn. Name calling will seem more personal, genuine, and it will show them you can remember important things.

Next up, signs you bombed/aced. Read below to understand there is no sure way to tell you did poorly(or great) unless they flat out tell you. Don’t take these “signs you bombed” or “aced” too seriously.

Signs You Bombed/Aced The Interview: Take these with a grain of salt. I was worried sick after my interview(from reading these things online) and I ended up making a really good impression and getting an offer. These are not solid evidence and How to Ace(above) is far more important than this section of the article. Also, if they did the opposite of these things it may mean you aced it; however, take this with a grain of salt as well.

1)They Seemed Distracted: If they seemed distracted to bored, that is not a good indication. With that said they may just be having a busy day. If they seemed very interested that is usually a good sign.

2)They didn’t discuss pay or salary: This can be a bad sign, however there are often multiple interviews and not mentioning pay may mean nothing. If they did discuss pay or salary that is potentially a good sign.

3)Didn’t get to know you personally: If they didn’t take 10 minutes to ask you about your dog don’t fret, they are probably just busy. With that said this is what some people view to be a bad sign.If they did ask personal questions it may mean your acing your interview.

4)The interview ended quickly: If the interview is cut short, this may be a bad sign. Interviews are typically 30 minutes to an hour. With that said it may mean nothing, it may just be a short interview. If the interview goes long that is likely a good sign.

5)They didn’t introduce you to co-workers: If they didn’t introduce you to the team, it could mean something. It could be completely normal too. If they do introduce you to employees, that is likely a good sign.

6)They didn’t say “You would be” when talking hypothetical situations: If they said “you would be or will be running the front call center” that is good. If they didn’t its ok.

Once again you can never truly tell if you aced of bombed it unless they flat out tell you. You may be picking up good indications and not get the job; you may pick up bad signs and end up getting the job. The first part of this article “how to ace the interview” is the only part you should study.

What do you think? Do you have an interview coming up? Have a funny story? Post below! Thanks

Genesis- Cars to Watch G70,G80,G90

Genesis is one of those car brands that we see once in a while, but never hear much about. That may change sometime in the near future, as Genesis has made serious technological and performance upgrades in the past few years. Take the Genesis G70 for example, with the twin-turbo V6 engine it is as quick to 60 as an AMG c43 Mercedes(4.5 seconds). This brand makes three models; the G70, the G80, and the G90. Do not be off-put due to the Hyundia association, these are true luxury performance cars that are worth your time.


The G70 has two engine options; the 2.0 L turbocharged GDI 4 cylinder(252 HP), and the 3.3 L Twin Turbo GDI V6(365 HP). The V6 model does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, similar to luxury sports sedans such as some AMG and BMW models. AWD or RWD is an option for these cars and performance disk breaks are utilized giving the vehicle a true performance vibe. Smallest of all the models with a length of 184.4 inches. MSRP: $34,900


The G80 model has either a V-6 delivering 311 Hp, the G80 sport features the 3.3L Twin-Turbo engine delivering 365 Hp, the G80 Ultimate has a 5.0L v-8 delivering 420 HP. As you can see based upon 3 engine options, Genesis is appealing to a wide range of consumers. Medium sized at 196.5 inches in length. MSRP: $42,050


The G90 features the 3.3L Twin Turbo V-6(365 HP) or the 5.0L V-8(420 HP). An 8 speed automatic with paddle shifters occupies the transmission in these cars. RWD and AWD is available, their AWD system is highly developed and senses road conditions employing which ever wheel has best traction. Slightly longer than the G70 and 80 at 17 ft and one inch long. MSRP: $69,350

Features available in all models:

Features available in all models include automatic emergency breaking, smart cruise control, 360 degree around view camera, heads up display(digital speedometer projected on windshield), wireless charging pad, 8” LED infotainment display, blind spot collision warning sensor, sunroof, and more. 12 way adjustable drivers seat, 8 way adjustable passenger seat. Check out this picture of the luxury quilted leather seats.

U.S. News Scorecard:

Genesis G90 scored a 10/10 for safety in 2019. Genesis ranked #2 in midsize sedans with an overall score of 8.4. Performance was a 7.9, interior was a 8.4. The only shortcoming of the car(G90) was its fuel economy; if you are into sports cars like me that is the least of our worries.

I think the Genesis is a fairly priced luxury sedan that will impact the automotive market in years to come. Although they are currently less popular than BMWs or Mercedes, they are slowing gaining more traction with their new line-up of cars. Performance, luxury, looks, everything looks right on paper; hopefully their reliability proves to be a strongpoint offering them leverage against high maintenance luxury cars.

Thanks for reading. Own a Genesis? List your experience below. Would you like to see me write about something else? Comment below.