Leasing Vs Buying A Car- Comparison & Financial Breakdown

Not much of an introduction is needed. This is not an article debating which is better. Both options carry their pros and cons; this is an article of me kindly doing the math so you don’t have to. My goal is to illustrate the financial comparison as well as the ulterior motive behind leasing and buying. Note before reading: I got these numbers for lease and purchase price off of Ford.com for the 2019 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan. The APR rate was added by me using a amortization calculator over a 5 and 3 year loan term with a 4.5% APR. Average APR for car loans is 3%. Now lets dive into this!

Car 2019 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan 200A 1.6L

Price Buy: MSRP 13,432 Lease: 199 for 36 months 1739 cash due at signing

A closer look at buying: Buying Terms: If you finance the Ford Fiesta at 13,432 with a 5 year loan payment and at 4.5% APR you are looking at total interest payment of 1,592.78 USD. Monthly payment would be around 250 dollars. Total Spent=15,024 USD. Buying terms option 2 : Second option, no APR financed directly thru Ford. Note that all dealerships do NOT have a 0% APR financing option. Monthly payment with 0% APR would be 223.8 USD per month. Total spent=13,432

A closer look at leasing: Total Down up front: 1,739 USD Monthly Payment: 199 for 36 months. Total Cost over 3 years: 7,164+1,739=8,903 USD.

For deeper analysis, lets run that 5yr loan as a 3yr loan: 3 year loan at 4.5% APR: Total interest=952 Monthly payments 36/months=399 Total paid after 3 years=14,384 3 year loan with no APR=13,432

Car Value After 3 Years: 7,790 Car Value After 5 Years: 5,372

Now lets crunch these numbers: Ok y’all still with me? So if you lease the car for 3 years and invest a total of 8,903 USD you get to drive a brand new car worry free for 3 years for an affordable 199 a month. If you purchase the car after 3 years you own the car for 399 a month. Notice it is twice the payment each month to purchase the vehicle. After three years the car is worth roughly(based off car depreciation calculator) 7,790. Leasing you have invested a total of 8,903 dollars; purchasing you have invested 14,384 dollars. If you purchased the car and sold it for its estimated worth of 7,790 your total loss is 6,594 USD(14,384-7,790=6,594). This means you are -6,594 USD when purchasing on a 3 year loan with 4.5% APR. Leasing set you back 8,903 USD(-8,903); this is 2,309 dollars more in debt than purchasing the car and selling it. Thus, based off of this example….you spent roughly 2,300 dollars less purchasing the vehicle! With a 4.5% APR and a 3 year loan you saved 2,300 purchasing it opposed to buying it. If you did an interest free loan you’d have saved roughly 3,200 purchasing the car(13,432-7,790=5,642) and selling it for 7,790 3 years after the purchase date. This is under the impression you sell the car at the estimated value above. Note you don’t have to go through trouble of selling car if you lease. Also, price you sell car for can vary.

Reasons to do both:

Lease: Leasing offers convenience. With leasing you are always driving a new car. Besides a few oil changes, you likely won’t put any money into the car. My uncle leases, and he certainly has the money to buy, he just prefers the simplicity and hassle free practice of leasing. New cars, reliable transport, no trouble. Keep in mind when leasing you don’t have to worry about selling your car after some years; you just turn it in and lease another BRAND NEW CAR. If you lease a car ask for no payment up front, tell them you are not willing to put anything down up front. If your credit is good they should work with you. Leasing a car does build your credit.

Purchase: Purchases are more practical for people who want to invest in their car. Note that cars are poor investments because they depreciate so fast. With that said, once you start making payments on your car you have equity in your car. After 3 years you may not want to sell it for a new car; you may be like me and drive that sucker until the dash reads 250,000. I have a ten year old Taurus and it drives like a charm, it’s still worth around 7,000 USD and it was purchased 3 years ago at 10,000 USD. If you are concerned about the long term investment: find a reliable(brand), one owner, used car with about 30,000 miles that is still under warranty. Purchase that car at a low price(thanks to depreciation) and take good care of it and drive it for 5-7 years and sell/trade when it is still worth thousands of dollars.

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STDs on The Rise in the U.S.

The U.S. is going through a rather unusual time. Reports of sexual activity are decreasing yet STD rates are increasing. I’m not sure how accurate these reports of sexual activity decreasing are, as often those who take surveys may be members of a certain demographic, or geographic which can affect survey results. Regardless of whether sexual activity is increasing or decreasing, STDs are on the rise.

Gonorrhea infected individuals rose 70% over the last few years. A few other diseases saw an increase as well. This is attributed to decreased condom use. This brings me to the real issue, increased social acceptance of certain sexual behaviors. I recently was plagued with the task of writing a paper on STDs and sexual behaviors for both a psychology and sociology course. The acceptance of multiple sexual partners and “no-strings attached” sexual relationships is having a major effect on our youth, and adults in our society. Media encourages individuals to have casual sexual relationships and it worships individuals who rationalize these behaviors. My wife and I watch the Bachelor, but there is no denying the foolishness of the contestants(unless you’re Colton). This is great if that floats your boat, I mean really if you’re an adult do what you want. Whatever tickles your pickle. Children however are affected heavily by what they see via their peers and on television. Divorce has been rising at a fairly constant rate in the U.S. Nearly 50% of all marriages end in a divorce; the main reasons are infidelity or finances. With such a large amount of individuals filing for divorce, the amount of adults who participate in risky sexual behavior is also increasing. Music, television, movies, social media, everything has a profound effect on our children psyche. Don’t allow your child to be influenced by something they heard in a song or saw on television. The average age of teenagers experimenting with sex is 17 years old, although this can vary. Whatever your beliefs are that is your decision but it is our responsibility to teach our children how to behave safely. Whatever happens in Vegas does not always stay in Vegas. Teach your children what is appropriate and what is unsavory.

Is Our World Becoming Too Advanced For Its Own Good? – Sociology

A sociologist named George Ritzer developed a theory called “McDonaldization of Society”. George is a sociologist as well as a professor. Sociologists and physiologists differ in theories; for example physiologists believe peoples actions are based off genetics and sociologists believe peoples actions are based off of societal influences(I will cover this is another post). Regardless of the twos differences in beliefs, one thing is for certain, our society has indeed become McDonaldized.

McDonaldization, what does that mean?

Due to the nature of the name, you may think the theory is associated with the abundance of McDonalds across the world; this is partially true. The truth is the McDonalidization of Society theory encompasses much more than McDonalds. The theory suggests that society is fueled, ran, and maintained with the purpose of convenience, predictability, efficiency, calculability, and control. The term “McDonaldization” derives from the idea that all of our institutions, infrastructures, and so forth share similar characteristics as fast food restaurants. Think of the convenience of McDonalds; you pull up, place an order, pay and within minutes you have a meal on your stomach. Think about Walmart as well, in the 60s people would go downtown and visit multiple stores to obtain all of their goods. Present day you can walk into a Walmart and exit with food, cleaning supplies, a new bicycle and your medicine. It is as easy as getting a meal at McDonalds, I’m sure you understand where the name originated now.

Is this good or bad for society?

That judgement is for you to make. Clearly many of our modern day conveniences are well served and favored by us consumers. I can’t present much of an argument against acquiring food, supplies, or service in a quick and easy manner. It helps me operate quicker and easier. This is where we must really analyze and predict where our society is taking us. The bad comes into play when our society becomes too convenient and efficient for its own good. Ritzer speaks on this in his multiple studies. How can this be you may ask. How can a society become too efficient? Take Amazon fulfillment warehouses for example. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are offered to citizens filling orders in warehouses; these jobs help the economy. It is predicted that many of these jobs will be lost in coming years due to robots taking the place of physical labor. Amazon is just an example, car manufactures, furniture companies, personal hygiene companies, ANY company will likely be affected by such technological advancements. The amount of jobs that will likely be lost in the future is unpredictable. Society needs blue collar and white collar workers to function properly. If factory jobs become a thing of the past our society will have a major problem on its hands.


This is all just food for thought. Nothing drastic will likely happen in the near future; with that said our society is certainly moving in that direction. There is a fine line between efficiency and robotic. Take self-driving cars for example. That sounds like a great idea until the computer chip is hacked or bugs and everyone one the road crashes into each other causing innumerable casualties. Responsive speakers are a great idea until you no longer need to ask your husband how the weather is today. Or maybe someone hacks into your device and listens to all your conversations; or perhaps until your private conversations are recorded and sold to advertising and consumer information companies. What you view on your computer is all sold to advertising companies now, why do you think the product you viewed last night pops up on your side bar the next day? I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am just trying to illustrate George Ritzers theory in an applicable manner. The internet is fantastic, but many people have been subjected to bullying and identity loss due to it. My point is every innovative piece of technology also carries some negative consequence(small or large). Society hits a point when it becomes TOO efficient, when will that be?

Be sure to comment below. This is all food for thought and as I previously stated I am not one of the people who is a conspiracy theorist who believes the government is out to get us. I am simply providing examples of how becoming too efficient can actually backfire and have a negative effect on society and the economy as a whole. Be sure to like, comment, and click my colored Amazon.com affiliate links if you like the article and support my site. Controversial and intellectual articles will be posted every day! Thanks – Andrew A.

The 10,000 Hour Rule-Becoming A Perfectionist

Malcolm Gladwell was a Canadian Journalist who originated the 10,000 hour rule. The 10,000 hour rule, if you are unfamiliar, suggests that for whatever it is you do 10,000 hours of practice will make you “perfect” at that skill. This pertains to sports, musicians, businessmen, and any activity or skill for that matter. When I say any activity it is within reason, a naturally terrible singer can not transform into Justin Bieber with 10,000 hours of practice. With this said that poor singer, after 10,000 hours of practice, could still possible become the best signer he physically/mentally was capable of(even if that still means they are a horrible singer). Malcolm Gladwell credits the 10,000 hour rule as the catalyst to success for Bill Gates, and the Beatles. Gladwell presents the Beatles practice in bars and Bill Gates exposure to computers since a young age as an example of their 10,000 hours. 10.000 hours of practice would roughly equate to 20 hours of practice for ten years.

Princeton Skeptics

A Princeton study discredits Malcolm’s 10,000 hour rule. The study suggests practice is only responsible for around 12% of an individuals performance. For different categories there are different results: for games practice made 26% difference, in music practice made a 21% difference, sports 18%, and education 4%. The parameters and control points of this study are unsure and are potentially liable to de-credit the study. I understand the point Princeton is trying to make, which I believe is similar to the point I brought forth earlier. A terrible singer can not become Justin Beiber with 10,000 hours of practice. A non-athlete can not become Usain Bolt. With that said the terrible signer, or non-athlete, could be the best they could possibly be. This is what makes the 10,000 rule so intriguing to me.

My thoughts? There is merit to the 10,000 hour rule

I agree that practice can not make someone the best, or technically “perfect” at something they are naturally bad at. On the same token I believe it can make anyone as perfect as they can be at a given activity. Do you follow me? Although extensive practice may not make you the absolute best, or top class, at whatever it is you do; it can make you the best you can be.

Implement the 10,000 hour rule accordingly

If you implement the 10,000 hour rule appropriately in your life, I think you will see a major change. I have been writing for 4 years in college. I have written hundreds of essays and academic papers. I am no professional, but I can write relatively sound, coherent articles in a short time span. If I keep writing, and keep learning, I can be the best I can be in 10,000 hours. Are you a teacher, a salesperson, a mechanic? Whatever it is you do, or want to do better, just do more of it. This sounds rudimentary but it is so true. Want to be a better teacher? Offer tutoring during the summer. You will earn extra money and further refine your ability to teach. You get the point, one of the best ways to improve at something is to do more of it. You can read and learn about something all you want but nothing equates to real time practice.


I’m not conveying there is a real science to the 10,000 hour rule. I am unsure if it is 10,000 hours, 5,000 hours, or 20,000 hours that makes you as perfect as you can be at something. I am saying the more you do something the better you will get, and you will progress until you reach your pinnacle. In theory I do believe this rule holds major merit and I believe it is something to be mindful of if you enjoy bettering yourself. What do you think? Be sure to check out my other posts. I appreciate anyone who clicks my affiliate links to Amazon. Thanks!

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Ideas For Bloggers: Increase Your Traffic

Are you putting your all into blogging only to feel shorthanded with visitors? I noticed a few people I follow have posted some articles pertaining to blogging skills. Here are the differences I have noticed between popular bloggers and less favored bloggers.


Great bloggers have articles that flow very well. Even when you are doing an informative post, or a product review, you need to be storytelling in a way. How to do that is for you to figure out. I suggest setting a theme for each post and building off of it. For example, if you are writing about weddings, share a funny story and intertwine that story into the rest of your post.

Make It Personal and Make Sure You Resonate With Followers

The reason people would view your site versus an industry leaders sight is to get a raw, realistic, input. Who wants to read a Go-Pro review from someone who is getting paid millions of dollars to advocate for the company. If your are biased, say you are biased. If something bothers you, write about it. People will appreciate honestly over bullshit any day. More people than you think will relate to you. If you are constantly filtering yourself that diminishes the quality of your site. You are your own best asset.


If your operating within a niche topic or category, make sure you cover every facet of that category. I simply can not stick to one category as too many topics interest me. If your blog is about exercise write about exercises outside of your comfort area. If you write about cooking write about every kind and style of cooking possible; then write about the history of cooking, then about famous cooks and their strategies, you get the picture. If you stick to the same thing every post your site is sure to become stale.

Inform Readers In a Reader Friendly Fashion

I really enjoy posting informative posts. Why? Because I enjoy learning myself. When you write blogs try to throw in information that others may not know. If they already know, nothing is lost; if they didn’t know, something is gained. Make sure you present information in a reader friendly way. If you are a engineering major be sure to break down the concepts in a fashion that allows new learners to comprehend.

Keep Writing

Whether you have 1 follower or 1,000,000 , just keep writing. Every post is more practice. Ever heard of the 10,000 hour theory? Malcolm Gladwell suggests that for whatever it is you do, 10,000 hours of practice ends with perfection. I believe in this theory. Don’t give up on yourself and keep trucking, sooner or later people will resonate with you.

APRs and Interest Rates. Do you REALLY know where your money is going?

This is a topic that should be understood. I know many people who “buy” a house or a car with having little knowledge on where their money is actually going. When you hear the term “APR” what do you think of? Interest rate? Annual percentage rate? Me too. The only real difference between interest rates and APR is APR is inclusive of fees(lender fees, organization fees). When you hear APR it is misleading if you are not familiar with how they actually work. For an example, lets say you are buying a 30,000 car with a 5 year loan and your APR is 5%. An unfamiliar person may assume “ok so 30,000 X .05= 1,500, thus I will be paying 25 dollars a month towards interest and 1,500 in total interest over 5 years. This may not be a ignorant assumption, but it is completely incorrect. If you are buying a 30,000 car with a 5 year loan and a 5% APR, you will actually be paying around 3,968 in interest over the course of 5 years.

How is this calculated?

This is where it gets a little tricky. Your first months payment will include an interest payment of 125 dollars. To get this amount take (30,000 X .05)/12=125. Your “principle” payment will be 441 dollars making a payment of 566 dollars. You divide by 12 instead of 60 because you are paying the 5% APR every year. You are paying the 5% every year but you are paying it on what is owed; thus as the years progress and you make payments on your car(30,000 originally; 29,558 after 1 month) you will be paying less interest every month(as the 30,000 decreases each month due to your principle payment). Every month your “balance”(how much left you owe on car) decreases your interest payment decreases and your principle payment increases(maintaining the same 566 dollar payment each month). On your next month you will multiply the 5%(.05) with the new balance. The new balance is 29,558; thus (29,558 X .05)/12 =123 dollars towards interest. This calculation will continue for the next 5 years. Each month your principle payment increases and your interest payment decreases. View this picture for a better illustration.

Note the change in principle and interest payment each month. This is a 5% APR 5 year illustration.

How much are you really paying in interest

3,968.22 USD, on a 30,000 loan. Although instinct may tell you to multiply 30,000 by .05(5%), this is an inaccurate way to calculate your true interest payment. Next time you buy a car or a house be sure to use an amortization estimator to get a realistic idea of how much you are paying over time.

Please check out my article on Leasing vs Buying a car. You can navigate to this article by clicking the picture below. Thanks -Andrew

Leasing Vs Buying A Car

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How To Achieve Greatness-For The Entrepreneur

Invest as little money as possible. Start Small. Don’t act off impulse. Don’t invest money you need(or savings) into your idea. Invest money you save specifically for your business. Stop going out for a year and take that 7,000 you save to use as your start up. Use money you earn from your early business operations to further invest in your business. Example: Buy one truck for a trucking business; after a year take your earnings gained from that one truck to invest in another truck.

Have a well calculated plan and achieve your milestones within appropriate time intervals. Setting goals is a great way to build a foundation. Goals provide encouragement and motive and can help propel you to a better position.

Manage your time properly. “The key is not spending time, but investing it” -Stephen Covey. People often spend time on projects or hobbies that offer no end reward other than personal gratification. That is great. For entrepreneurs you must invest your time in activities that contribute to an end goal. Do not quit your job; just spend 3 hours on your project every night instead of watching tv or hanging out with friends.

Don’t loose sight of other priorities. You must keep your day job, you must not loose sight of family. In order to achieve your goal you will have to sacrifice all of YOUR free time.

Network and build useful relationships. Treat everyone with respect. Relationships must be beneficial to both parties. You give some you take some. You can not be a leach in business, nobody will want to deal with you. Build meaningful, mutually beneficial, relationships.

Research, learn more, continue mental growth. Learn more about your business/service. Learn all the ends and outs. Learn the tricks and tips. You can always learn more.

Learn from mistakes or shortcomings and improve these aspects. Offer customer surveys. See where you are receiving the least amount of income from. See if it is financially sound to keep these areas in your business; if it is find out how to improve these areas.

Analyze what your strong points are and capitalize off of them. What are you selling the most of. What is resonating best with your customers/peers. Take advantage of these areas; offer more product lines derived from such products, spend more on advertising these products, charge more for these products.

Take advantage of any opportunity, it may be the one that changes everything. Invited to an event? A fair? A convention? Go. You may find it utterly boring or you may learn useful information. You may meet somebody who will change your company forever.

Ignore skeptics if you know your idea is feasible(if you invest your life savings into bitcoin or a store with little to no research then maybe you should listen to skeptics). People like to criticize others. Many successful businessmen were once crucified. If you are still taking care of your family and financial obligations, ignore them.

Conduct extensive market research. Analyze the segment you are trying to enter and determine if it is plausible. Continue to make decisions based off of your analysis; you must be versed in the market you are occupying.

Stay in your lane. If you try to compete with or overpower market leaders, especially in your early years, will you surely regret it. Just focus on your niche and provide the best work/product/service you can.

Do what others don’t. Work harder, offer better service, work on weekends. If you want to be the top 1% you have to do things 99% of people won’t do.

Why I Think Apple Is The Best Computer Brand

I realize I write this with the risk of upsetting some. I will admit, perhaps I am just biased. I didn’t arrive at this conclusion due to hype, or media/news influence, I came to it through my own experience. I think Apple makes the best computers. I think this for a variety of reasons, and I will share these below. Perhaps if you are a HP, or Toshiba user you can attempt to convert me in the comment section; for now you will just have to listen up.

No Viruses

I am aware there may be a few rare cases of MacBooks being hacked or virus infected. With this said I have never experienced it myself. As I write this I am using the MacBook I got as a present for college when I was 18 years old. I am 26 now. My MacBook is 8 years old and still running like a champ. I have never had a virus on my computer, and I have never installed an antivirus on it either, In my younger days I worked at Staples Office Supplies in the Tech department. I was truly appalled by the number of customers who came into Staples to either buy an antivirus, or to have a virus removed from their computer. From my understanding Macs don’t get viruses because they function off an entirely different code-writing method. Windows has used the same method for years thus allowing hackers to become accustomed to it. With this said Mac has been around long enough to where if people wanted to learn it they could; therefore I think Macs utilize a much safer, more practical code writing process. When you own a Windows based computer, you need to pay for an antivirus every year at least; these are not cheap. When your computer gets a virus, you risk loosing all of your content. This is a major reason I prefer Apple.

They Are Well Built

As mentioned above I have had the same MacBook for 8 years. It has withstood dorm room living, traveling across the country, and years of heavy use. I have never had an issue with anything structurally on my Mac and nothing has ever been replaced on it. Before college my parents had a Dell laptop. The charging cord would be plugged in when we were sitting on the couch. The chord bent the receiver on the computer and the only way to fix it was to replace it; it was cheaper to buy a new one than to pay to fix it. I haven’t owned anything other than a Mac in years, but I know Mac chargers and charging ports are well designed and durable.

They Support All Apple Products and Services

This one is a given, but MacBooks support all Apple products, apps, and services. On this same token, popular programs such as QuickBooks, Excell, and many more have a software for both Mac and Windows operating systems. So nobody can really argue that Macs are not supportive of third party softwares and downloads.


MacBooks come with a 1 year factory warranty. Aside from the factory warranty, Apple offers a very useful extended warranty called Apple Care; I advise Mac owners to purchase Apple Care just to be cautious, as Apple Care is full coverage. With that said, from my experience, if your MacBook lasts one year issue-free it should last 10 years. As long as there is not an issue or defect when you purchase it, I really doubt an issue arises.

Customer Service

Apple has the BEST customer service. Recently my mom broke her screen on her MacBook. She took it in to an Apple Store and they fixed it for free, it was just out of warranty. The Apple stores are super friendly and interactive. Although there are usually a ton of customers in an Apple Store at a given time they seem to always have more staff than customers. Visiting an Apple Store is a unique and fun experience in itself.

Closing Thoughts

The older guys I worked with at Staples preferred Windows because that is what they knew. They knew how to write codes and hack Windows products and that is what they were familiar with. I tried to convince them to leave their comfort zone but they wouldn’t budge. What do you think? Mac or Windows? What is your favorite computer brand? Dell? HP? Share your thoughts below, I am open to discussion.

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Our Baby Is Coming Home Soon-Preemie Story

If you have been using my preemie page to either learn about common preemie illnesses, keep up with a preemie story, or perhaps just out of boredom, you know it has been a long and rough road to say the least. I think the words violent, brutal, and vicious more appropriately describe the journey we have weathered. Thank God as it has been worth it, our baby is being discharged next week. My heart goes out to anyone reading this whom had a preemie that didn’t make it. It is burdensome enough to weather the preemie journey and be discharged; having to weather the journey and go home alone is another story. My prayers go out to anyone who was so unfortunate. Luckily for us, we were just told we can expect to be discharged next week; likely Friday or Saturday.

My hopes are some distressed mother/father will come across this site and be able to use articles such as this as inspiration in hard times. Take a second to peruse my other articles and you will see we have withstood NEC, PVL, ROP, and e coli. No matter what was thrown at our baby girl, she hung in there. We just saw the surgeon who operated on our baby when she was only 24 weeks old(she is 40 now). The doctor took a minute to express how far our baby Tatum has come, we thanked her and she said it was Tatum who did most of the work. It’s truly unbelievable what preemies are capable of, they are much stronger than we think. It is so weird to reflect on pictures when she was first born, looking at her now you would had never guessed she was once the size of a baseball mitt.

Whether you are expecting a preemie child, just having one, or raising one I wish you luck. I promise you preemies are miracles and they defy the odds and statistics every day. There was a time I truly thought my child was going to die, and now I couldn’t imagine going home without her.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out my other articles. The colorful boxes I have provided on this post are links to Amazon.com. The swing the hospital uses is great for calming your baby and it gives them a chance to sit straight up. The formula I posted is for sensitive stomachs and is Vanderbilt Children’s Hospitals #1 choice. Thanks. Comment below if you have a similar story.

Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World

Something I find enthralling about blogs is the ability for writers and publishers to paint a picture with their words. Someone I follow on WordPress is V#MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS. The way she writes is very elusive , especially by current day standards. Being able to captivate an audience is much harder when writing versus using videos. Our era is so infatuated and almost obsessed with things like YouTube, Instagram, and FaceBook; so much so that many have lost sight of the beauty within reading something. When I was in high school I used to be able to get lost in a book; I would picture and have mental illustrations of every chapter. It was so fascinating to be able to read something and create my own vision. My visions were often manifested per combination of what I was reading and my imagination. Nowadays it seems like people lack the attention span and desire to read a good book, article, or story. I am guilty myself, I often find myself watching YouTube videos instead of reading something. I personally am not into social media, although I know most people are. Instead of learning something we are so interested in scrolling through pictures paired with captions or in some cases stories. This is all fine and dandy, I just have a few issues with it.

People Can Be Whoever They Want On Social Media

In my opinion social medias main purpose is to provide attention to those who want it. If you have a FaceBook and you just use it to keep up with family I am not talking about you. I am talking about the people who post pictures and captions with the purpose of trying to be perceived a certain way. I know terrible parents who post memes and quotes about how they love being a mom. I know drug addicts with no income posting pictures with rented cars in front of someone else’s house with the intention of being perceived as affluent individuals.

The Art Of Writing is Being Lost

Attention spans are decreasing as media capabilities advance. Studies show even TV can have serious effects on children’s attention spans. There are usually 30-60 different shots every minute in television; this teaches our brain to focus on certain topics for shorter periods of time. Many children lack the desire to curl up in a blanket and take the time to read a book. Many would rather google what happens and then write a school book report on it. The art of writing and captivating an audience is being lost.

Attention is The Worst Drug

People love to watch Jake Paul on YouTube but hate to sit down and read the newspaper or a national geographic article. Attention is the goal for YouTube and Social Media posters, so what do they do? They do things to get attention of course! Whether this entails acting ignorant, dangerous, mean, funny, ridiculous, obnoxious or whatever it may be. Therefore a vast majority of the content is pure baboonery with little to no educational benefit for children watching these videos. There are some good YouTube posters who provide insightful and useful content(Scotty Kilmer) but many just provide nonsense content. Same applies to social media such as FaceBook or Twitter, people post outrageous posts for shock value thus resulting in increased followers. Or they just put on an entirely false persona or lifestyle as mentioned above.

Some FaceBook and Twitter Rants would be better off on another platform

Sometimes my wife will show me posts people make on FaceBook or Twitter. I remain in shock. The length and details of some of these posts are interesting to say the least. With all of that effort perhaps you could become a freelance writer, create your own website with the intent to help others experiencing what you are, or you could write a book. Moral of the story is there is a lot of wasted talent on FaceBook, people should direct their energy towards a source that would serve to benefit their or someone else’s life. Instead of wasting energy on social media, put your energy into something productive that could benefit your/your families lives.

Thoughts? Maybe I’m Being too Critical?

Maybe I am the ridiculous one for not having social media accounts. Either way I stand by what I wrote and I am a firm believer in the less you say the better. I judge people based off of what they say on social media, so why wouldn’t people judge me based off of what I post on social media(hypothetically). Also, posting on social media is a fantastic way to loose out on a job opportunity or career path, keep that in mind. What do you all think? Should people be cautious about what they post on social media and youtube or should it be unfiltered? Is the art of writing and reading lost? Are our children hopeless as far as writing and reading goes? Comment below. Be sure to check out my other categories and posts. Thanks – Andrew.