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This site includes a blog, informative blogs, and a page dedicated to our homemade products. The motive for this blog was our premature daughter, who was born at 23 weeks gestation. Her progress will be documented in hopes of helping others who are or have experienced the same thing. When I started posting, I realized I enjoyed it. Having written college research papers for years I found it fun to write about topics I enjoy. So if you are not familiar or interested in preemie stories and information, there will be informational articles on cars, business, and finance as well. More topics coming soon. If you are a preemie mom, parent, or just enjoy a good success story this is the place for you. If you enjoy cars, finance, or business this is the place for you as well. I am striving towards an interactive blog/website, so please comment, follow, and like. I will be sure to reply to comments and share my experience as well. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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Piers Morgan Murder Interviews On Netflix-How to Tell if Someone is Lying?

If you are familiar with Netflix, as I’m sure most of you are, you should explore the Piers Morgan interviews with notorious murderers. For some unexplained reason, my wife and I enjoy watching murder documentaries. If I could offer an explanation to our taking to murder documentaries, I would ascribe out liking to the psychological aspects of such films.

I throughly enjoy psychology, having taken only a few courses in psychology I am no expert, although I feel as if I possess an innate ability to psychologically analyze people and situations. The reason I choose to not lie, fabricate, or put on facades is simply because I believe there are many people like myself who can smell cow manure from a mile away.

Professionals can present an array of techniques to determine is someone is lying or not. Things such as avoiding eye contact and tapping your leg are simple examples. Although these body language cues are often associated with lying, master level manipulators(sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists) know to avoid such signals. Polygraphs are inadmissible in court as people know how to pass them. So how can you tell if someone is lying?

I came to a conclusion last night…

After watching 4 episodes of Pierce Morgan persistently challenging these horrid killers, I figured it out. Here is my theory, the one thing all of these liars had in common, it does not involve common signals such as touching their mouth or becoming defensive. The thing I noticed with all of these people was they all took the time to orchestrate an answer THEY thought was proper. Each killer cognitively developed answers they believed would be the best response to the question Pierce asked. The answers were too dramatized and artificial. Normal people react certain ways when asked certain questions; within certain parameters at least. Normal people do not have to ponder about intuitive, simple questions. Each killer spent time to develop responses that they thought would be perceived in a manner that benefits them. This theory I have is something that is better understood by observance than reading. Once you watch these killers you will immediately notice what I am saying, they are putting on a show, not being natural.

It was truly pathetic to watch, yet extremely interesting. I suggest you all watch this series as Pierce handles these people like the true gangster(more like Gentleman) he is. Some of these serial killers stormed off from the interviews as he told them they were liars. Thanks for reading y’all! Let me know what you guys think. How do you know when someone is lying? -Andrew A.

Stinger Gt or Toyota Supra

These two vehicles are the beginning of a new era. The world has always been blessed with performance cars, since the invention of vehicles. but not every manufacture has made performance cars. Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, and all other affordable/conventional car brands have made performance cars, likewise to Mercedes, Audi, and BMW. The change occurring presently is performance cars are being produced more commonly than in the past by affordable manufactures. There are more options, instead of buying a Mustang you can buy a Taurus SHO; instead of buying a Honda NRX you can buy a Civic type R. My point is, affordable, impressive performance cars are being produced by non-luxury brands for a bargain price. Instead of shelling out 100,000 for a quick car you can spend 50 and be blessed with a machine that reaches 60 in 4 seconds, a number once only obtainable by supercars.

Before I dive into this, check out these cars below.

Kia Stinger
Toyota Supra

Performance Specs:

Stinger GT: 365 HP / 3.3L Twin Turbo / v-6 376 lb ft torque / 0-60 time=4.1 seconds

Toyota Supra: 335HP / 3.0L V-6 / 365 lb ft torque / 0-60 time=4.7 seconds

Price Points:

Stinger GT: Gt 39,300 / GTS 44,000 / GT1 45,300 / GT2 50,200

Toyota Supra: 3.0 49,990 / 3.0 Premium 53,990 / Launch Edition 55,250


Both vehicles are phenomenal automobiles. The most obvious difference is the Supra is a coupe with two doors and two seats. The Stinger is more practical with a total of 5 seats and a hatchback like design which offers impressive interior space. The Supra is a few tenths of a second quicker, but the Stinger has more HP. The Supra has a 3 year/36,000 mile basic warranty and a 5 year/60,000 powertrain warranty. The Stinger has a 5 year/60,000 mile basic warranty and a whopping 10 year/100,000 power train warranty. The Stinger warranty is beyond curious, further enticing the consumer to pick one up from the local Kia dealership. This is perhaps the most attractive warranty I have ever heard of. Both cars are impressive, although the Supra gets ragged on for using a BMW engine and “not being the same as the old Supras which possessed 2JZ engines. On the same token the Kia gets ragged on for simply being a Kia. I tell you what, for the money, both cars are impressive and warrant zero backlash. The Stinger has received nothing but great reviews and the Supra has had seldom complaints thus far. For the money and practicality, I would choose the Stinger GT.

Regardless of what you think of these cars, it’s impossible to ignore the shift in automobile production and capabilities. For what once costed 100,000 USD you can acquire a vehicle that can scoot to 60 in under 5 seconds and beat many Mercedes or BMWs in races. What do you think of these vehicles? Which would you choose? Be sure to like and comment below. Thanks -Andrew.

100 Posts! This makes 101

Well, the title is self explanatory on this one, I have made 100 posts on my account. If I had to say one thing to sum this up it would be “blogging is hard work”. I do not make short posts, posts lacking research or due diligence, or any other forms of nonsense. Every post I make is cultivated per the fingers, brain, and time(hours). For those that think blogging is for the fickle or weary hearted, you are wrong. Blogging is for the dedicated and consistent individual. The people I look up to blog at least once a day, often a few times a day.

MILLENIALLIFECRISIS never disappoints with long, interesting, and relatable posts. There are a few more people out there I follow whom execute their skills proficiently as well. I really idolize those who seem to hold that secret formula for success. Regardless if I ever make anything from this website or not, if I only reach one person who had a preemie child and help them to ameliorate any concern or issue they are experiencing, I have succeeded.

Initially I was just going to make a preemie website and then I realized I am far to scatterbrained and amused than that, thus I compartmentalized many topics of discussion into different categories under my menu. For all of you out there writing with little success, continue writing. I have been active for a month or two and garnered the attention of 75 followers, which I honestly am grateful for. I have written relentlessly, all original content, and I have learned a lot. Continue to do what you do, nothing can be predicted. We may make a small impact per our site, or we may make a large impact. Regardless as I always say “I would rather try and fail then not try at all”. Remember, that one impact you make on someone could change their life, so one follower or a million, your purpose was well served.

Thanks for reading. -Andrew

What Formula To Use for Preemies?

Spending 4 months in the NICU taught me a surplus of information I never dreamed I would need. From learning that preemies can be born with closed eyelids(like ours)because the eyes are fused shut until around 24 weeks, or learning that most preemies are born with a small hole in their heart that will normally close, I learned a ton of information. I learned so much information which I will include in a separate post, this post is regarding formula for preemies. Obviously breast milk is the best choice for preemies(or any baby) as they provide bacteria and components that are simply not produceable in labs. With this said most preemie mothers can’t breastfeed because their baby wasn’t in the womb long enough thus brain signals weren’t sent to the breasts to provoke milk production. Your child will likely be fed donor breast milk(at your discretion) for a month or so until the hospital does not deem it necessary anymore(usually correlated to a monetary issue).

What will your baby be fed when breast milk is no longer available?

This is all circumstantial. Vanderbilt NICU in Nashville, TN, is a world renowned NICU. It is a level 4 NICU and provides the upmost level of care and service. Without the surgeons and providers at Vanderbilt our baby would have died. Elecare is the preferred formula for babies with stomach issues(as many have) as this formula is extremely easy on the digestive tract. If stomach issues are not an issue with your baby, your child will likely use Similac Neosure. Similac Neosure is a formula specifically for preemie babies.

Preemie babies are a little behind, as we all know. For months they were not receiving the proper nutrition the womb would have provided them; on top of that they were struggling to survive thus using an indescribable amount of calories and energy. Similac Neosure provides your preemie with extra: protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, calories, calcium, phosphorus, DHA, and other brain and eye developmental nutrients and minerals. Our child actual requires Enfomil(which is prescription) as an additional fortifier for her formula. So far our child has had no problem with either formula, she takes them with glee. Sometimes she will poop multiple times a day and sometimes she will not poop for 2 days; this is normal do not be alarmed if your child does this. It is usually dependent on how much the baby eats a day.

It is important you check with your doctor about the proper formula for your baby. Preemies require extra supplements to expedite their growth and developmental milestones. Thanks for reading. Share your preemie story below. I have provided links(colored boxes) to Amazon.com for EleCare and Similac Neosure throughout the article. Thanks. -Andrew

Whichever formula you choose to use is completely up to you, what I say does not constitute medical advice, I am just sharing what I learned from doctors and our own Childs care.

Artificial Content-Do you think this is acceptable?

For those who don’t know, many bloggers and website owners main motive is to earn revenue. I have nothing wrong with turning a hobby into a means of income. I have nothing wrong with people who build websites to create a source of income either; as long as the content is useful, entertaining, and original. What I do find a bit frustrating, for lack of better words, is people who use softwares to copy articles others have written. V, a.k.a #MILLENIALLIFECRISIS, posted an article yesterday regarding people who purchase bots to increase followers or views. She posted invaluable information which further analyzed the practice of purchasing bots. This immediately reminded me of softwares such as “Spin-rewriter”. One can easily see how artificial traffic and artificial content is correlated, thus it does not surprise me spin rewriter appeared in my head the moment I read her article.

Spin re writer, and many other “spinning” softwares exist to enable individuals to copy and paste articles others have written to their own sites. For example, if you wanted to use this article I have just published on your own site you could simply copy and paste this article within your software. The software would then rearrange words(sentence structures) and offer you substitutions(synonyms) for particular words. Lets say I wrote “I believe spin writing softwares are unethical”; a spinner software would produce “Spin writing softwares are immoral in my opinion”. This example is the premise of spinning softwares, although some softwares may vary in features and capabilities.

The purpose of spinning softwares is to eliminate the need to spend time writing, eliminate hiring writers, and to increase content quantity. I know people who follow me who employ these softwares, which is how I came to know about them. The problem is often I can tell when a spinner has rearranged an article, I believe others can tell as well. There are sentences that sound inauthentic when spinners are utilized, it is not comparable to reading an organic post. Many bloggers/content creators may have a grammatical error or forget a letter on a word every now and then, and that is perfectly fine as we are all human. With that said no blogger is likely to write sentences that sound robotic.

I am a firm believer in monetizing something if the quality is up to par. If you put work into something, especially hard work, it’s perfectly normal to expect some compensation. I for example post affiliate links to Amazon on my site, whether you choose to click my link or not is up to you. A lack of Amazon commissions will not deter me from writing about topics I enjoy and my daughter. My website is not in commission solely to earn money, I created this website to help preemie parents. When I view a site and every post is “spun” and every article is about promoting some bot service or spinning software I am a bit off-put. I like organic, original content, and I believe that is the popular option amongst viewers. I am not knocking anyones hustle, do whatever you choose; with that said spinning is not me for. What do y’all think? Comment below. Thanks for reading!


If you are familiar with freelance work I’m sure you have heard of UpWork. UpWork is a platform which allows professionals(or talented people) to charge a fee per hour or take on jobs for a one time fee contingent upon completion. Types of work include freelance writing, marketing, software development, media production, data entry, team management, and more. The type of work applicable to the UpWork software is endless, if you need a job done there is someone on UpWork who can complete it.

UpWork is formerly known as Elance. I heard about this site reading a blog actually, someone mentioned making 100K a year freelancing. Apparently this individual was uneducated; and whether I believe him or not is another story. There is nothing wrong with not having a college degree, with that said UpWork is extremely oversaturated with well adept professionals whom possess many accolades. The point I am presenting is skilled and educated individuals have a difficult time acquiring jobs on UpWork so if an individual with no resume earned 100K a year doing so I would appreciate some pointers from them.

I created an account for the hell of it, as I recently obtained my Bachelors and figured it would be a great way to earn some extra cash. I have come across multiple jobs of which I am certain I could complete masterfully, yet I have not been granted a position yet. The problem with UpWork is it is a bit of a catch 22. I compare it to eBay, with no sales or stars it is unlikely someone will purchase something from your account. When I started E-Bay(check out andythestylegod on eBay) I was forced to sell cheap cheap products with free shipping to earn a sale. I basically had to take a loss to gain a win. This same principle applies to UpWork, you have to have completed jobs in your resume(jobs completed on the UpWork platform) in order to obtain jobs. Unlike eBay you can’t sell 3 dollar phone chargers 10 times to earn credibility.

Currently I am investigating potential strategies I can employ to get my first job. It is worth noting the jobs I am applying for are simple rudimentary tasks; for example I applies to write a blog posting(1500 words) on frequent urination during pregnancy. I am an expect in pregnancy at this point in my life, if you have read any of my preemie blog. I have two children. Common internet suggestions including tailoring your profile to a more specific task and skill set instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. Other suggestions include having a friend or family member hire you to get that first job thus enabling you to get jobs from people you don’t know. Adding job titles and professional experiences to your profile also help improve your chances of succeeding on the website.

There is no denying the legitimacy of UpWork, and there is no denying the potential monetary gains you could receive from such a platform. With that said if you are a blogger, writer, data entry specialist, manager, accountant, or other common titles you are a fish in an ocean filled with sharks. The barriers to entry are real and difficult yet overcoming such obstacles is achievable. I suspect it will take me quite some time before anything substantial happens to me on UpWork. It may take a year before I land a job, and that is ok with me.

To end this post with a piece of advice, I tell you all to never give up. The main reason most people fail to accomplish goals is because they give up before such goals have the proper time to blossom. Nothing happens overnight. People who succeed are consistent, persistent, and resilient; This applies to school, websites, life, jobs, ect. Share your thoughts on UpWork below and feel free to like comment and share. -Andrew A

The Transformation Of A Preemie Baby

I was scrolling through my older posts earlier and I noticed the transformation of our child for the first time since her birth. I have seen older pictures of her fairly consistently, I had just never seen them compared in a timeline fashion. Seeing her first picture to her most recent picture sparked an unusual sense of appreciation and admiration within me. I have always had the upmost respect for Tatum, I just had seen the transformation so vividly. We see our baby every day. Physiological tricks are played on your brain when you become accustomed to things. For example think about someone who grew up in poverty and became rich; they may credit their rough upbringing to their success yet they may find themselves complaining about their food at a 5 star restaurant when they once ate canned soup every night. This is because they have grow accustomed to their current situation. When our baby was born doctors were almost certain she would die. As time passed her chance of survival became more certain and problems derived from other issues such as eye surgery, stomach surgery and so on. At one time we were on our knees praying for her to just live, and as time progressed we were agitated and upset over other medical issues that were not pertinent to her survival. Do you see where I am going with this? Sometimes we loose sight of how fortunate and blessed we are as humans. As humans we can become upset over things that we never thought we would have. We forget that at one time in our life all we wanted was the most basic of requests. This is what probed me to write this article today. Take a step back and be thankful for what you have. It is healthy to be ambitious however you must realize what is bothering you now was once your main “want” in life. If you have a preemie child use this as motivation. We were told our baby would die and look how far she has come.

Top is her first photo:23 weeks gestation. Middle is around 35 weeks old, last is 40 weeks old with no breathing assistance, no stomach drain or ostomy bag, and bottle feeding. The transformation and growth is beautiful. Thanks for reading. Click the picture below to view the article written about her birth. Thanks for reading. -Andrew

Health Insurance In The U.S. – What do y’all think?

This topic just dawned on me as we sit here in this hospital. My family has been in a hospital for 4 months now, as we had a preemie baby born at 23 weeks. This post will not include much about our baby, but if you are interested in that journey I will post a link at the bottom of the page. This posts main focus is health care and the means by which it is provided in the Unites States. As you know by now, health care is paid for in the United States by the consumer. This is the controversy which has led to many protests, and political disagreements in the U.S; should health care be free or not?

How is Health Care Paid For

Health care is paid for by the consumer either out of pocket or via insurance. The majority of health insurance plans are provided by employers to employees. The second most popular form is state and government insurance, and lastly there are individuals who purchase private insurance per their own means. Many hospitals are government or state owned and are regulated by such policies and legislation. In Europe, for example, there are federally subsidized health insurance programs. Essentially health insurance is paid for by tax money in Europe; private insurance is an option but even individuals with high incomes are allowed to use the government health insurance. I’m not sure what incentives are in play for European citizens to purchase private insurance over government insurance but regardless nearly all citizens are eligible for free health care. In the U.S., unless you qualify for government subsidized insurance you are legally required to obtain health insurance per employer or private insurance providers. Medicare is for adults over 65 and Medicaid is for low income individuals. Each state is required to have their own Medicaid insurance, for example in TN it is TennCare.

Why Can’t U.S. Adopt the European Health Care System

This is a question which is asked very often. The U.S. is virtually the only developed country that does not offer universal health care coverage. The arguments against such coverage in the U.S. is the effort required to change and adopt a new system would call for an obscene amount of work and money. Our health care system has been in place for years and changing it would be a monumental task, as you can likely imagine. Another argument against universal health coverage is financial loss. Our country is already in major debt, and health care is responsible for a majority of our countries financial expenditures each year(around 20%), thus it would be extremely financially straining on our economy. Lastly, many argue universal health care would lower income of practitioners and providers thus lowering the quality of health care provided. This argument is discredited by studies on European health care. Germany actually has an arguably better quality of health care than the U.S. It depends what you use to measure quality of care; for example you could attempt to measure quality based off of infant deaths, and deadly illnesses it is hard to determine who has the better health care. Doctors in the U.S. typically have a higher salary than those in Europe, the difference is slight.

My Thoughts

This is a rough one for me to wrap my head around as far as opinions go. Obviously it would be great if everyone could have health care. It also does not seem fair that those who work for their money are spending a ton of money each year to preserve their coverage and those who are in poverty get health care for free. Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, I am glad health care is provided to those who can’t afford it; on the same token I feel bad for those who are just above that financial threshold who have to pay am arm and a leg for it. In a perfect world health care would be paid for by tax money. It makes sense right? We pay taxes and we get law enforcement, roads, infrastructure, and health care. Sadly this is not how it works in the U.S. I don’t know if universal health care will ever be implemented in the U.S. Many presidents have attempted to at least offer “affordable health care” as they realize providing universal health care is a long shot. Share your thoughts below.

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Job Hunt

I am currently browsing the internet for applicable jobs in my area. I already have a job offer contingent on a few things, but am applying for back up positions in case that falls through. I am settling for nothing less than a job that adheres to my degree and my qualifications. I refuse to waste my education by taking a job that doesn’t align with my degree. This may sound ignorant to many, you may be saying “take whatever job you can get”. Believe me if it boils down to that and I truly need to take something to pay the bills I will undoubtably do so. However if there is a will there is a way and I intend to obtain a position that will benefit my future. My lesson here is to not sell yourself short. You would be very surprised what those suit wearing cold staring hiring managers are looking for; they may be looking for you. If you have the credentials for a certain job, apply for it and follow through. I often think the younger generation has these misconceptions and fears that only the 45 year old who has been working in the field for 20 years is suitable for the job. This is incorrect. Many businesses and companies are in fact looking for younger, eager, motivated individuals who are willing to take on challenges. So whats the first challenge? Applying for that job position you think you are under qualified for. Your confidence and eagerness to apply for such a job in the first place will impress the hiring managers.

If you are applying for a job that requires experience as well as a degree, and you possess that degree yet lack the experience; tell them you have experience that is transferable and you are willing to learn. You may not have experience in HR but you have been a supervisor which carried many of the similar duties. Use whatever you can to your advantage and be sure to express and convey your willingness and ability to learn new tasks quickly. Don’t sell yourself short. Do not be intimidated by others who were once in your shoes. -Andrew A.

Be sure to read my article titled “How to Ace the Job Interview”, which you can find here.

How To Ace The Job Interview

Going Home This Week-Preemie Story

If you have been following our story we have great news. It has been confirmed that we are heading home this week with our baby girl. We headed home this weekend to prepare, as we live 3 hours away form the hospital she is receiving care at. We unboxed and assembled all of her baby toys, swings, bassinet, and other products we have for her. Luckily we acquired a lot of good stuff at the baby shower we had for her. One problem we ran into was we didn’t have any newborn diapers, yet we have about 50 packs of 1-3 month old diapers on the shelf at home. For any parents experiencing a similar predicament, you can take the improperly sized diapers to WalMart and trade them out for the proper size. We will be doing just a little extra shopping for her early this week, then we will be heading home with out baby. It is such a surreal thought to imagine being anywhere besides a hospital room with Tatum, yet this unfathomable will soon turn into our reality. I am so excited to get home and be blessed with my baby’s presence. Shortly this nightmare will come to an end. No more staying in an apartment 3 hours from home. No more wondering if/when my baby will die. No more empathetic/encouraging talks with my wife trying to lift her spirits. No more security checks and signing in at the NICU to see OUR baby. For onlookers, I’m sure there is little to no empathy. For those who have lost a child, had a miscarriage, or had a preemie, you know what I am talking about. It’s one of those things you hear about but never expect to happen to you. It’s one of those things you see on the news and say “holy cow” but never put an ounce of thought into. Until you experience it yourself you can never understand. I hope you know you are not alone and God is on your side. If you have just given birth, or are expecting a preemie, hang in there. Our Tatum was born at 23 weeks, we were told she would inevitably die, she defied the odds. My prayers go out to anyone going through a rough time. Thanks for reading. God Bless. -Andrew A.

I would like to share my thanks to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. They have done an absolutely phenomenal job and provided the best quality of service and care. A special thanks to Stacey D, you really made an impact on our lives. We thank you for signing up to be the primary nurse for our baby when her survival was a maybe. If you are reading this please go to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Daisy Awards and nominate Stacey D in the NICU unit. She is an angel. Thanks Stacey! Tatum says she appreciates it. -Anderson Family.

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