Piers Morgan Murder Interviews On Netflix-How to Tell if Someone is Lying?

If you are familiar with Netflix, as I’m sure most of you are, you should explore the Piers Morgan interviews with notorious murderers. For some unexplained reason, my wife and I enjoy watching murder documentaries. If I could offer an explanation to our taking to murder documentaries, I would ascribe out liking to the psychological aspects of such films.

I throughly enjoy psychology, having taken only a few courses in psychology I am no expert, although I feel as if I possess an innate ability to psychologically analyze people and situations. The reason I choose to not lie, fabricate, or put on facades is simply because I believe there are many people like myself who can smell cow manure from a mile away.

Professionals can present an array of techniques to determine is someone is lying or not. Things such as avoiding eye contact and tapping your leg are simple examples. Although these body language cues are often associated with lying, master level manipulators(sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists) know to avoid such signals. Polygraphs are inadmissible in court as people know how to pass them. So how can you tell if someone is lying?

I came to a conclusion last night…

After watching 4 episodes of Pierce Morgan persistently challenging these horrid killers, I figured it out. Here is my theory, the one thing all of these liars had in common, it does not involve common signals such as touching their mouth or becoming defensive. The thing I noticed with all of these people was they all took the time to orchestrate an answer THEY thought was proper. Each killer cognitively developed answers they believed would be the best response to the question Pierce asked. The answers were too dramatized and artificial. Normal people react certain ways when asked certain questions; within certain parameters at least. Normal people do not have to ponder about intuitive, simple questions. Each killer spent time to develop responses that they thought would be perceived in a manner that benefits them. This theory I have is something that is better understood by observance than reading. Once you watch these killers you will immediately notice what I am saying, they are putting on a show, not being natural.

It was truly pathetic to watch, yet extremely interesting. I suggest you all watch this series as Pierce handles these people like the true gangster(more like Gentleman) he is. Some of these serial killers stormed off from the interviews as he told them they were liars. Thanks for reading y’all! Let me know what you guys think. How do you know when someone is lying? -Andrew A.

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