What Formula To Use for Preemies?

Spending 4 months in the NICU taught me a surplus of information I never dreamed I would need. From learning that preemies can be born with closed eyelids(like ours)because the eyes are fused shut until around 24 weeks, or learning that most preemies are born with a small hole in their heart that will normally close, I learned a ton of information. I learned so much information which I will include in a separate post, this post is regarding formula for preemies. Obviously breast milk is the best choice for preemies(or any baby) as they provide bacteria and components that are simply not produceable in labs. With this said most preemie mothers can’t breastfeed because their baby wasn’t in the womb long enough thus brain signals weren’t sent to the breasts to provoke milk production. Your child will likely be fed donor breast milk(at your discretion) for a month or so until the hospital does not deem it necessary anymore(usually correlated to a monetary issue).

What will your baby be fed when breast milk is no longer available?

This is all circumstantial. Vanderbilt NICU in Nashville, TN, is a world renowned NICU. It is a level 4 NICU and provides the upmost level of care and service. Without the surgeons and providers at Vanderbilt our baby would have died. Elecare is the preferred formula for babies with stomach issues(as many have) as this formula is extremely easy on the digestive tract. If stomach issues are not an issue with your baby, your child will likely use Similac Neosure. Similac Neosure is a formula specifically for preemie babies.

Preemie babies are a little behind, as we all know. For months they were not receiving the proper nutrition the womb would have provided them; on top of that they were struggling to survive thus using an indescribable amount of calories and energy. Similac Neosure provides your preemie with extra: protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, calories, calcium, phosphorus, DHA, and other brain and eye developmental nutrients and minerals. Our child actual requires Enfomil(which is prescription) as an additional fortifier for her formula. So far our child has had no problem with either formula, she takes them with glee. Sometimes she will poop multiple times a day and sometimes she will not poop for 2 days; this is normal do not be alarmed if your child does this. It is usually dependent on how much the baby eats a day.

It is important you check with your doctor about the proper formula for your baby. Preemies require extra supplements to expedite their growth and developmental milestones. Thanks for reading. Share your preemie story below. I have provided links(colored boxes) to Amazon.com for EleCare and Similac Neosure throughout the article. Thanks. -Andrew

Whichever formula you choose to use is completely up to you, what I say does not constitute medical advice, I am just sharing what I learned from doctors and our own Childs care.

3 thoughts on “What Formula To Use for Preemies?

  1. Eyes are fused shut until 24 weeks? That’s an interesting fact that I did not know.

    Sounds like your family has been through a lot with your little one! ❤ How's your preemie doing these days?


    1. Yeah I’ll have to share a picture sometime. Her eyes were closed for a week after birth, she looked like an alien. It’s the most surreal and scariest thing I’ve ever been thru. They can’t breath without a support until around 28-36 weeks old. Also they have no immune system until they are older as well; which is why a simple infection can kill a preemie easily.

      She’s alive and for that we are grateful for. Any other issues that may/or may not stem from her situation we will handle the best we can. She is home with us now and it is great. Thanks for asking.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well she’s alive and with you, that’s all that matters. She clearly must be a really strong little girl. Sounds like she’s one of those who’s going to move some mountains when she grows up.


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