100 Posts! This makes 101

Well, the title is self explanatory on this one, I have made 100 posts on my account. If I had to say one thing to sum this up it would be “blogging is hard work”. I do not make short posts, posts lacking research or due diligence, or any other forms of nonsense. Every post I make is cultivated per the fingers, brain, and time(hours). For those that think blogging is for the fickle or weary hearted, you are wrong. Blogging is for the dedicated and consistent individual. The people I look up to blog at least once a day, often a few times a day.

MILLENIALLIFECRISIS never disappoints with long, interesting, and relatable posts. There are a few more people out there I follow whom execute their skills proficiently as well. I really idolize those who seem to hold that secret formula for success. Regardless if I ever make anything from this website or not, if I only reach one person who had a preemie child and help them to ameliorate any concern or issue they are experiencing, I have succeeded.

Initially I was just going to make a preemie website and then I realized I am far to scatterbrained and amused than that, thus I compartmentalized many topics of discussion into different categories under my menu. For all of you out there writing with little success, continue writing. I have been active for a month or two and garnered the attention of 75 followers, which I honestly am grateful for. I have written relentlessly, all original content, and I have learned a lot. Continue to do what you do, nothing can be predicted. We may make a small impact per our site, or we may make a large impact. Regardless as I always say “I would rather try and fail then not try at all”. Remember, that one impact you make on someone could change their life, so one follower or a million, your purpose was well served.

Thanks for reading. -Andrew

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