Artificial Content-Do you think this is acceptable?

For those who don’t know, many bloggers and website owners main motive is to earn revenue. I have nothing wrong with turning a hobby into a means of income. I have nothing wrong with people who build websites to create a source of income either; as long as the content is useful, entertaining, and original. What I do find a bit frustrating, for lack of better words, is people who use softwares to copy articles others have written. V, a.k.a #MILLENIALLIFECRISIS, posted an article yesterday regarding people who purchase bots to increase followers or views. She posted invaluable information which further analyzed the practice of purchasing bots. This immediately reminded me of softwares such as “Spin-rewriter”. One can easily see how artificial traffic and artificial content is correlated, thus it does not surprise me spin rewriter appeared in my head the moment I read her article.

Spin re writer, and many other “spinning” softwares exist to enable individuals to copy and paste articles others have written to their own sites. For example, if you wanted to use this article I have just published on your own site you could simply copy and paste this article within your software. The software would then rearrange words(sentence structures) and offer you substitutions(synonyms) for particular words. Lets say I wrote “I believe spin writing softwares are unethical”; a spinner software would produce “Spin writing softwares are immoral in my opinion”. This example is the premise of spinning softwares, although some softwares may vary in features and capabilities.

The purpose of spinning softwares is to eliminate the need to spend time writing, eliminate hiring writers, and to increase content quantity. I know people who follow me who employ these softwares, which is how I came to know about them. The problem is often I can tell when a spinner has rearranged an article, I believe others can tell as well. There are sentences that sound inauthentic when spinners are utilized, it is not comparable to reading an organic post. Many bloggers/content creators may have a grammatical error or forget a letter on a word every now and then, and that is perfectly fine as we are all human. With that said no blogger is likely to write sentences that sound robotic.

I am a firm believer in monetizing something if the quality is up to par. If you put work into something, especially hard work, it’s perfectly normal to expect some compensation. I for example post affiliate links to Amazon on my site, whether you choose to click my link or not is up to you. A lack of Amazon commissions will not deter me from writing about topics I enjoy and my daughter. My website is not in commission solely to earn money, I created this website to help preemie parents. When I view a site and every post is “spun” and every article is about promoting some bot service or spinning software I am a bit off-put. I like organic, original content, and I believe that is the popular option amongst viewers. I am not knocking anyones hustle, do whatever you choose; with that said spinning is not me for. What do y’all think? Comment below. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Artificial Content-Do you think this is acceptable?

  1. It really angers me that people are using programs like these, and that there are so many ways to ‘cheat the system’ apparently.

    I don’t agree with spinning someone elses words to avoid copywright. I want to find authentic people who are genuine about what they post and what they share and how they communicate. You know what I mean?

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    1. Yeah it is frustrating. I mean I can somewhat understand from a business perspective, but that doesn’t justify it. People smell bullshit from a mile away and it detracts from the quality of a website. It’s like opening up an art store to sell counterfeit Picasso paintings; or opening up a mom and pop coffee shop only to use Starbucks beans to produce the coffee, something about it is just off putting. It represents laziness and incompetence and i wouldn’t invest a dime in anyone who lacks the initiative to do their own work.

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