If you are familiar with freelance work I’m sure you have heard of UpWork. UpWork is a platform which allows professionals(or talented people) to charge a fee per hour or take on jobs for a one time fee contingent upon completion. Types of work include freelance writing, marketing, software development, media production, data entry, team management, and more. The type of work applicable to the UpWork software is endless, if you need a job done there is someone on UpWork who can complete it.

UpWork is formerly known as Elance. I heard about this site reading a blog actually, someone mentioned making 100K a year freelancing. Apparently this individual was uneducated; and whether I believe him or not is another story. There is nothing wrong with not having a college degree, with that said UpWork is extremely oversaturated with well adept professionals whom possess many accolades. The point I am presenting is skilled and educated individuals have a difficult time acquiring jobs on UpWork so if an individual with no resume earned 100K a year doing so I would appreciate some pointers from them.

I created an account for the hell of it, as I recently obtained my Bachelors and figured it would be a great way to earn some extra cash. I have come across multiple jobs of which I am certain I could complete masterfully, yet I have not been granted a position yet. The problem with UpWork is it is a bit of a catch 22. I compare it to eBay, with no sales or stars it is unlikely someone will purchase something from your account. When I started E-Bay(check out andythestylegod on eBay) I was forced to sell cheap cheap products with free shipping to earn a sale. I basically had to take a loss to gain a win. This same principle applies to UpWork, you have to have completed jobs in your resume(jobs completed on the UpWork platform) in order to obtain jobs. Unlike eBay you can’t sell 3 dollar phone chargers 10 times to earn credibility.

Currently I am investigating potential strategies I can employ to get my first job. It is worth noting the jobs I am applying for are simple rudimentary tasks; for example I applies to write a blog posting(1500 words) on frequent urination during pregnancy. I am an expect in pregnancy at this point in my life, if you have read any of my preemie blog. I have two children. Common internet suggestions including tailoring your profile to a more specific task and skill set instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. Other suggestions include having a friend or family member hire you to get that first job thus enabling you to get jobs from people you don’t know. Adding job titles and professional experiences to your profile also help improve your chances of succeeding on the website.

There is no denying the legitimacy of UpWork, and there is no denying the potential monetary gains you could receive from such a platform. With that said if you are a blogger, writer, data entry specialist, manager, accountant, or other common titles you are a fish in an ocean filled with sharks. The barriers to entry are real and difficult yet overcoming such obstacles is achievable. I suspect it will take me quite some time before anything substantial happens to me on UpWork. It may take a year before I land a job, and that is ok with me.

To end this post with a piece of advice, I tell you all to never give up. The main reason most people fail to accomplish goals is because they give up before such goals have the proper time to blossom. Nothing happens overnight. People who succeed are consistent, persistent, and resilient; This applies to school, websites, life, jobs, ect. Share your thoughts on UpWork below and feel free to like comment and share. -Andrew A

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