The Transformation Of A Preemie Baby

I was scrolling through my older posts earlier and I noticed the transformation of our child for the first time since her birth. I have seen older pictures of her fairly consistently, I had just never seen them compared in a timeline fashion. Seeing her first picture to her most recent picture sparked an unusual sense of appreciation and admiration within me. I have always had the upmost respect for Tatum, I just had seen the transformation so vividly. We see our baby every day. Physiological tricks are played on your brain when you become accustomed to things. For example think about someone who grew up in poverty and became rich; they may credit their rough upbringing to their success yet they may find themselves complaining about their food at a 5 star restaurant when they once ate canned soup every night. This is because they have grow accustomed to their current situation. When our baby was born doctors were almost certain she would die. As time passed her chance of survival became more certain and problems derived from other issues such as eye surgery, stomach surgery and so on. At one time we were on our knees praying for her to just live, and as time progressed we were agitated and upset over other medical issues that were not pertinent to her survival. Do you see where I am going with this? Sometimes we loose sight of how fortunate and blessed we are as humans. As humans we can become upset over things that we never thought we would have. We forget that at one time in our life all we wanted was the most basic of requests. This is what probed me to write this article today. Take a step back and be thankful for what you have. It is healthy to be ambitious however you must realize what is bothering you now was once your main “want” in life. If you have a preemie child use this as motivation. We were told our baby would die and look how far she has come.

Top is her first photo:23 weeks gestation. Middle is around 35 weeks old, last is 40 weeks old with no breathing assistance, no stomach drain or ostomy bag, and bottle feeding. The transformation and growth is beautiful. Thanks for reading. Click the picture below to view the article written about her birth. Thanks for reading. -Andrew

2 thoughts on “The Transformation Of A Preemie Baby

  1. Your baby girl is so strong! Imagine how it’s going to be watching her grow up and conquer everything. If she can make it through what she’s been through since she was born, she can make it through anything.


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