Job Hunt

I am currently browsing the internet for applicable jobs in my area. I already have a job offer contingent on a few things, but am applying for back up positions in case that falls through. I am settling for nothing less than a job that adheres to my degree and my qualifications. I refuse to waste my education by taking a job that doesn’t align with my degree. This may sound ignorant to many, you may be saying “take whatever job you can get”. Believe me if it boils down to that and I truly need to take something to pay the bills I will undoubtably do so. However if there is a will there is a way and I intend to obtain a position that will benefit my future. My lesson here is to not sell yourself short. You would be very surprised what those suit wearing cold staring hiring managers are looking for; they may be looking for you. If you have the credentials for a certain job, apply for it and follow through. I often think the younger generation has these misconceptions and fears that only the 45 year old who has been working in the field for 20 years is suitable for the job. This is incorrect. Many businesses and companies are in fact looking for younger, eager, motivated individuals who are willing to take on challenges. So whats the first challenge? Applying for that job position you think you are under qualified for. Your confidence and eagerness to apply for such a job in the first place will impress the hiring managers.

If you are applying for a job that requires experience as well as a degree, and you possess that degree yet lack the experience; tell them you have experience that is transferable and you are willing to learn. You may not have experience in HR but you have been a supervisor which carried many of the similar duties. Use whatever you can to your advantage and be sure to express and convey your willingness and ability to learn new tasks quickly. Don’t sell yourself short. Do not be intimidated by others who were once in your shoes. -Andrew A.

Be sure to read my article titled “How to Ace the Job Interview”, which you can find here.

How To Ace The Job Interview

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