Going Home This Week-Preemie Story

If you have been following our story we have great news. It has been confirmed that we are heading home this week with our baby girl. We headed home this weekend to prepare, as we live 3 hours away form the hospital she is receiving care at. We unboxed and assembled all of her baby toys, swings, bassinet, and other products we have for her. Luckily we acquired a lot of good stuff at the baby shower we had for her. One problem we ran into was we didn’t have any newborn diapers, yet we have about 50 packs of 1-3 month old diapers on the shelf at home. For any parents experiencing a similar predicament, you can take the improperly sized diapers to WalMart and trade them out for the proper size. We will be doing just a little extra shopping for her early this week, then we will be heading home with out baby. It is such a surreal thought to imagine being anywhere besides a hospital room with Tatum, yet this unfathomable will soon turn into our reality. I am so excited to get home and be blessed with my baby’s presence. Shortly this nightmare will come to an end. No more staying in an apartment 3 hours from home. No more wondering if/when my baby will die. No more empathetic/encouraging talks with my wife trying to lift her spirits. No more security checks and signing in at the NICU to see OUR baby. For onlookers, I’m sure there is little to no empathy. For those who have lost a child, had a miscarriage, or had a preemie, you know what I am talking about. It’s one of those things you hear about but never expect to happen to you. It’s one of those things you see on the news and say “holy cow” but never put an ounce of thought into. Until you experience it yourself you can never understand. I hope you know you are not alone and God is on your side. If you have just given birth, or are expecting a preemie, hang in there. Our Tatum was born at 23 weeks, we were told she would inevitably die, she defied the odds. My prayers go out to anyone going through a rough time. Thanks for reading. God Bless. -Andrew A.

I would like to share my thanks to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. They have done an absolutely phenomenal job and provided the best quality of service and care. A special thanks to Stacey D, you really made an impact on our lives. We thank you for signing up to be the primary nurse for our baby when her survival was a maybe. If you are reading this please go to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Daisy Awards and nominate Stacey D in the NICU unit. She is an angel. Thanks Stacey! Tatum says she appreciates it. -Anderson Family.

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