Ideas For Bloggers: Increase Your Traffic

Are you putting your all into blogging only to feel shorthanded with visitors? I noticed a few people I follow have posted some articles pertaining to blogging skills. Here are the differences I have noticed between popular bloggers and less favored bloggers.


Great bloggers have articles that flow very well. Even when you are doing an informative post, or a product review, you need to be storytelling in a way. How to do that is for you to figure out. I suggest setting a theme for each post and building off of it. For example, if you are writing about weddings, share a funny story and intertwine that story into the rest of your post.

Make It Personal and Make Sure You Resonate With Followers

The reason people would view your site versus an industry leaders sight is to get a raw, realistic, input. Who wants to read a Go-Pro review from someone who is getting paid millions of dollars to advocate for the company. If your are biased, say you are biased. If something bothers you, write about it. People will appreciate honestly over bullshit any day. More people than you think will relate to you. If you are constantly filtering yourself that diminishes the quality of your site. You are your own best asset.


If your operating within a niche topic or category, make sure you cover every facet of that category. I simply can not stick to one category as too many topics interest me. If your blog is about exercise write about exercises outside of your comfort area. If you write about cooking write about every kind and style of cooking possible; then write about the history of cooking, then about famous cooks and their strategies, you get the picture. If you stick to the same thing every post your site is sure to become stale.

Inform Readers In a Reader Friendly Fashion

I really enjoy posting informative posts. Why? Because I enjoy learning myself. When you write blogs try to throw in information that others may not know. If they already know, nothing is lost; if they didn’t know, something is gained. Make sure you present information in a reader friendly way. If you are a engineering major be sure to break down the concepts in a fashion that allows new learners to comprehend.

Keep Writing

Whether you have 1 follower or 1,000,000 , just keep writing. Every post is more practice. Ever heard of the 10,000 hour theory? Malcolm Gladwell suggests that for whatever it is you do, 10,000 hours of practice ends with perfection. I believe in this theory. Don’t give up on yourself and keep trucking, sooner or later people will resonate with you.

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