Why I Think Apple Is The Best Computer Brand

I realize I write this with the risk of upsetting some. I will admit, perhaps I am just biased. I didn’t arrive at this conclusion due to hype, or media/news influence, I came to it through my own experience. I think Apple makes the best computers. I think this for a variety of reasons, and I will share these below. Perhaps if you are a HP, or Toshiba user you can attempt to convert me in the comment section; for now you will just have to listen up.

No Viruses

I am aware there may be a few rare cases of MacBooks being hacked or virus infected. With this said I have never experienced it myself. As I write this I am using the MacBook I got as a present for college when I was 18 years old. I am 26 now. My MacBook is 8 years old and still running like a champ. I have never had a virus on my computer, and I have never installed an antivirus on it either, In my younger days I worked at Staples Office Supplies in the Tech department. I was truly appalled by the number of customers who came into Staples to either buy an antivirus, or to have a virus removed from their computer. From my understanding Macs don’t get viruses because they function off an entirely different code-writing method. Windows has used the same method for years thus allowing hackers to become accustomed to it. With this said Mac has been around long enough to where if people wanted to learn it they could; therefore I think Macs utilize a much safer, more practical code writing process. When you own a Windows based computer, you need to pay for an antivirus every year at least; these are not cheap. When your computer gets a virus, you risk loosing all of your content. This is a major reason I prefer Apple.

They Are Well Built

As mentioned above I have had the same MacBook for 8 years. It has withstood dorm room living, traveling across the country, and years of heavy use. I have never had an issue with anything structurally on my Mac and nothing has ever been replaced on it. Before college my parents had a Dell laptop. The charging cord would be plugged in when we were sitting on the couch. The chord bent the receiver on the computer and the only way to fix it was to replace it; it was cheaper to buy a new one than to pay to fix it. I haven’t owned anything other than a Mac in years, but I know Mac chargers and charging ports are well designed and durable.

They Support All Apple Products and Services

This one is a given, but MacBooks support all Apple products, apps, and services. On this same token, popular programs such as QuickBooks, Excell, and many more have a software for both Mac and Windows operating systems. So nobody can really argue that Macs are not supportive of third party softwares and downloads.


MacBooks come with a 1 year factory warranty. Aside from the factory warranty, Apple offers a very useful extended warranty called Apple Care; I advise Mac owners to purchase Apple Care just to be cautious, as Apple Care is full coverage. With that said, from my experience, if your MacBook lasts one year issue-free it should last 10 years. As long as there is not an issue or defect when you purchase it, I really doubt an issue arises.

Customer Service

Apple has the BEST customer service. Recently my mom broke her screen on her MacBook. She took it in to an Apple Store and they fixed it for free, it was just out of warranty. The Apple stores are super friendly and interactive. Although there are usually a ton of customers in an Apple Store at a given time they seem to always have more staff than customers. Visiting an Apple Store is a unique and fun experience in itself.

Closing Thoughts

The older guys I worked with at Staples preferred Windows because that is what they knew. They knew how to write codes and hack Windows products and that is what they were familiar with. I tried to convince them to leave their comfort zone but they wouldn’t budge. What do you think? Mac or Windows? What is your favorite computer brand? Dell? HP? Share your thoughts below, I am open to discussion.

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