Our Baby Is Coming Home Soon-Preemie Story

If you have been using my preemie page to either learn about common preemie illnesses, keep up with a preemie story, or perhaps just out of boredom, you know it has been a long and rough road to say the least. I think the words violent, brutal, and vicious more appropriately describe the journey we have weathered. Thank God as it has been worth it, our baby is being discharged next week. My heart goes out to anyone reading this whom had a preemie that didn’t make it. It is burdensome enough to weather the preemie journey and be discharged; having to weather the journey and go home alone is another story. My prayers go out to anyone who was so unfortunate. Luckily for us, we were just told we can expect to be discharged next week; likely Friday or Saturday.

My hopes are some distressed mother/father will come across this site and be able to use articles such as this as inspiration in hard times. Take a second to peruse my other articles and you will see we have withstood NEC, PVL, ROP, and e coli. No matter what was thrown at our baby girl, she hung in there. We just saw the surgeon who operated on our baby when she was only 24 weeks old(she is 40 now). The doctor took a minute to express how far our baby Tatum has come, we thanked her and she said it was Tatum who did most of the work. It’s truly unbelievable what preemies are capable of, they are much stronger than we think. It is so weird to reflect on pictures when she was first born, looking at her now you would had never guessed she was once the size of a baseball mitt.

Whether you are expecting a preemie child, just having one, or raising one I wish you luck. I promise you preemies are miracles and they defy the odds and statistics every day. There was a time I truly thought my child was going to die, and now I couldn’t imagine going home without her.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out my other articles. The colorful boxes I have provided on this post are links to Amazon.com. The swing the hospital uses is great for calming your baby and it gives them a chance to sit straight up. The formula I posted is for sensitive stomachs and is Vanderbilt Children’s Hospitals #1 choice. Thanks. Comment below if you have a similar story.

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