Whatever Happened To Reading? Video/Social Media Consumes Our World

Something I find enthralling about blogs is the ability for writers and publishers to paint a picture with their words. Someone I follow on WordPress is V#MILLENNIALLIFECRISIS. The way she writes is very elusive , especially by current day standards. Being able to captivate an audience is much harder when writing versus using videos. Our era is so infatuated and almost obsessed with things like YouTube, Instagram, and FaceBook; so much so that many have lost sight of the beauty within reading something. When I was in high school I used to be able to get lost in a book; I would picture and have mental illustrations of every chapter. It was so fascinating to be able to read something and create my own vision. My visions were often manifested per combination of what I was reading and my imagination. Nowadays it seems like people lack the attention span and desire to read a good book, article, or story. I am guilty myself, I often find myself watching YouTube videos instead of reading something. I personally am not into social media, although I know most people are. Instead of learning something we are so interested in scrolling through pictures paired with captions or in some cases stories. This is all fine and dandy, I just have a few issues with it.

People Can Be Whoever They Want On Social Media

In my opinion social medias main purpose is to provide attention to those who want it. If you have a FaceBook and you just use it to keep up with family I am not talking about you. I am talking about the people who post pictures and captions with the purpose of trying to be perceived a certain way. I know terrible parents who post memes and quotes about how they love being a mom. I know drug addicts with no income posting pictures with rented cars in front of someone else’s house with the intention of being perceived as affluent individuals.

The Art Of Writing is Being Lost

Attention spans are decreasing as media capabilities advance. Studies show even TV can have serious effects on children’s attention spans. There are usually 30-60 different shots every minute in television; this teaches our brain to focus on certain topics for shorter periods of time. Many children lack the desire to curl up in a blanket and take the time to read a book. Many would rather google what happens and then write a school book report on it. The art of writing and captivating an audience is being lost.

Attention is The Worst Drug

People love to watch Jake Paul on YouTube but hate to sit down and read the newspaper or a national geographic article. Attention is the goal for YouTube and Social Media posters, so what do they do? They do things to get attention of course! Whether this entails acting ignorant, dangerous, mean, funny, ridiculous, obnoxious or whatever it may be. Therefore a vast majority of the content is pure baboonery with little to no educational benefit for children watching these videos. There are some good YouTube posters who provide insightful and useful content(Scotty Kilmer) but many just provide nonsense content. Same applies to social media such as FaceBook or Twitter, people post outrageous posts for shock value thus resulting in increased followers. Or they just put on an entirely false persona or lifestyle as mentioned above.

Some FaceBook and Twitter Rants would be better off on another platform

Sometimes my wife will show me posts people make on FaceBook or Twitter. I remain in shock. The length and details of some of these posts are interesting to say the least. With all of that effort perhaps you could become a freelance writer, create your own website with the intent to help others experiencing what you are, or you could write a book. Moral of the story is there is a lot of wasted talent on FaceBook, people should direct their energy towards a source that would serve to benefit their or someone else’s life. Instead of wasting energy on social media, put your energy into something productive that could benefit your/your families lives.

Thoughts? Maybe I’m Being too Critical?

Maybe I am the ridiculous one for not having social media accounts. Either way I stand by what I wrote and I am a firm believer in the less you say the better. I judge people based off of what they say on social media, so why wouldn’t people judge me based off of what I post on social media(hypothetically). Also, posting on social media is a fantastic way to loose out on a job opportunity or career path, keep that in mind. What do you all think? Should people be cautious about what they post on social media and youtube or should it be unfiltered? Is the art of writing and reading lost? Are our children hopeless as far as writing and reading goes? Comment below. Be sure to check out my other categories and posts. Thanks – Andrew.

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