Some of The Most Lucrative College Degrees

Are you looking to go back to school? Perhaps you are graduating high school and contemplating what course of study and career path you should pursue. Here are some of the best degrees to get in reference to: pay, demand, gratification.

Biomedical Engineer: Mean Salary: 60-100,000 USD annually. Sector Growth: Expected to grow between 50-75% in coming years. Gratification: Employees in this field report feeling a high level of meaning. Duties: Duties could include(not limited to): creating cures and analyzing samples.

Occupational Therapy: Mean Salary: 50-85,000 USD. Growth: Expected to grow 25% in coming years. Gratification: Helping people recover from accidents must feel rewarding. Helping disabled individuals improve their physical and cognitive skills provides a high level of mental satisfaction. Duties: Helping individuals regain muscle function by working with muscles and cognitive connections.

Physician Assistant: Salary: 80-100,000 USD. Growth: The health care sector is growing exponentially, demand for such employees is growing as well. Gratification: Health care provides employees with a sense of meaning and satisfaction as they are helping others. A survey reported 86% of physician assistants feel high levels of gratification from their job duties. Duties: Working under a doctor and helping provide insight pertaining to diagnosis and cure.

Web Development: Salary: 37-85,000 USD. Growth: Expected to growth 24% by 2024. Gratification: Payscale reports employees in this field to earn a high level of satisfaction. Duties: Working for companies as a contractor or running your own business creating websites and improving SEO.

Translation/Interpreter: Salary: 25-80,000 USD. Growth: Expected to grow 21% by 2021. Gratification: High. Duties: Translating for companies, law enforcement, or government employees. Any time you know an extra language(especially Spanish or Chinese) you are at an automatic advantage in the business world.

Thoughts? Comment below. List your experience or ideas. Thanks – Andrew

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