Jaguar F-Type

My wife and I were on our way to the hospital too see our baby and we came across a car that looked peculiar. It was trying to make a left turn and only had its side exposed to us. For about 20 seconds we were awing over the striking nature of the car but we were also perplexed as to what type of car it was. I have a relatively profound knowledge on automobiles but even I was unsure. Turns out it was a Jaguar F-Type, it was beautiful. After seeing such a car I found it appropriate to write about the Jaguar F-Type.

Price: The price of the Jaguar F-Type ranges from 61,600 to over 123,000. The main contributor to the price is the engine size; next comes AWD options and luxury options.

Engine Options: 2.0L Turbocharged I4(296 HP); 3.0L Supercharged V6(340 HP); 3.0L Supercharged V6(380 HP) This model is available in RWD & AWD; 5.0L Supercharged V8(550 HP) AWD; 5.L Supercharged V8(575 HP) AWD

Appearance Options: Checkered Flag Option: includes black roof, exclusive wheels, and checkered flag badges, headrest embossed with flags, brushed aluminum trim interior(adds 10,000). Black Exterior Package: Gloss black aerodynamic splitter, grille surround, side vents, hood louvers, side window surround, rear valence. Rims: A variety of 19” rims with different spoke patterns and trims available. Steering Wheel: Flat bottom or round bottom. Seatbelts: Red seatbelt available for 300 USD.

Performance: The 5.0L V8 Supercharged with 575 HP propels from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. This is comparable to many other high priced sports cars. The other models 0-60 times become gradually slower as the HP decreases. Top speed for the 5.0L V8 is a ridiculous 200 mph.

Thoughts: I think the car is absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect concoction of elegance, beauty, power, and style. On paper the performance is phenomenal, 3.5 seconds is the same class as many supercars. It is worth noting the sound the car produces resembles a T-Rex preparing to feast on a meal; it is truly captivating. With all of those pros, here comes the cons. I just would be very hesitant to invest in this car with the notoriously poor reputation of Jaguar vehicles. Reliability is not a heavily reported strong point for this company. What do you think? Have you owned one? Know anyone who has? Comment below.

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