What Are You Searching For When Web Browsing?

This is a new one for me. The only place this post will be viewable will be under blog feed, as this falls into no category. We all are bloggers, content creators, and therefore you wouldn’t think we would need help writing about anything. Ironically, although we love writing for innumerable reasons, we still want our content to be viewed. What is the purpose of researching, structuring, venting, or pouring our hearts out if nobody is affected by what we write. The only way I can possibly come up with a strategy is to put myself in other peoples shoes. When I am browsing the web or scrolling on WordPress reader to find something to read I am looking for a few things. I am looking for something I can learn from, be entertained by, relate to, or grow from. That is a pretty broad definition of what I peruse for, or at least it becomes broad in a practical manner. Each of those factors could include an array of material; for example something I can “learn from” could be sports, business, family care, work, education, and the list goes on. Each of those can be further derived into more categories making the things I am looking for endless. So when I created my site I tried to fulfill “my” wants as that is what I expect others to peruse for as well. Perhaps I am wrong. My site includes specialty and broad topics making it unique. Perhaps it would be intelligent to compartmentalize my topics into entirely different websites. So I would appreciate some feedback. What are you guys looking for while browsing around? I have provided a survey below and I am curious as to what sort of content would better retain your views and attention. Feel free to comment below, I would appreciate any feedback. I want to personally thank anybody who has followed me or supported my site. I promise to uphold my content publishing pace and continue to provide better and more advanced content for you all. Please view my website as I have categories consisting of news, preemies, finance, health, and cars; these categories can be found at the menu at the top of the page.

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