Grocery Delivery-Our Future or a Fad?

I’m sure you have heard about some companies offering grocery foods delivery. Many stores have also started implementing order online pick up in store options. So at Kroger for example, you can order your groceries online and when you are ready to pick them up you notify the store and someone bundles and bags them up for your convenience. That is actually a dandy idea; but grocery delivery straight to your house, that sounds skeptical.

How will the groceries remain fresh? What kind of groceries will be delivered? How many stops will the delivery driver make before dropping your groceries off at your house thus subjecting them to be weathered? These are all reasonable questions. Well, here are your answers.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is the name of the innovative grocery delivery store/service. For a monthly subscription, Amazon offers a service which allows you to order foods from stores in your proximity. The monthly subscription is 14.99 a month, deliveries are free unless you order under 40 dollars worth of groceries(in this case it charges you a 9.99 delivery fee). Perishable food is kept in temperature regulated tote-like coolers which are filled with ice until delivered. You are able to schedule your deliveries at any time that is most convenient for you. So if you are working until 5 you can place an order on lunch break and schedule delivery for 6 pm, it will arrive right on time. Amazon Fresh works in conjunction with local grocery stores; keeping up on inventory, and placing their store options on Amazon Fresh’s website. You log in, build your cart, place your order, schedule delivery time, and food is delivered. Unless you are ordering under 40 dollars worth of food, you will be paying no more than if you went to the store physically(besides your monthly subscription). Check out this picture below of the online store.

Here it is. What do y’all think?

What do you think? McDonaldization of Society:

If you have ever studied sociology you will know what the “McDonaldization of America” theory is. Basically this means everything from fast food, to WalMarts(offering everything), are centered around the basis of CONVENIENCE. Convenience, practicality, efficiency, calculability, and prediction is the essence of the “McDonaldization” theory. It was titled this due to McDonalds exponential growth throughout the world. Before fast food existed people had to grill, prepare, dress the burger, and take TIME to make a meal; now you can just wait in a line for 2 minutes and have food at your disposal. Well, Amazon Fresh will serve as an example. I am all for convenience, I truly am. I am not bashing this idea, I am actually mad I didn’t think of it. We will always need grocery stores(place of storage for food), Amazon Fresh will not eliminate grocery stores. It just makes me wonder where our world will be in 20 years. For a free trail of Amazon Fresh click the colored links/boxes below.


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