Amazon Prime Video- Better than Netflix? Hulu?

Something I came across lately was Amazon Prime Video. This is an interesting new approach to the technological world of TV shows, movies, and more. I currently use Hulu, witch includes a monthly fee. I have no beef with Hulu but I am presently contemplating on switching to Amazon Prime Video Channels. The motive for switching is the money I would be saving.

What is Amazon Prime Video?

The facet that is so attractive to me about Amazon Prime Video Channels is the flexibility offered to users. For example, lets say you spend 30 dollars on Netflix or 80 dollars on Hulu every month. Now maybe you do view multiple shows and titles each month. If you are like me however, I usually am only into one show at a time. So instead of spending 80 dollars a month on a subscription that is not fully utilized, I could be spending 3-5 dollars a month on that certain channel or show that I do watch. My wife and I watch the Bachelor and BIP now, so I could subscribe to ABC and record each show and save a lot of money. Amazon Prime lets you choose whatever channels and shows you watch and make a plan that is right for you.

Channels Offered:

ABC, Showtime, HBO, MLB, CBS, Starz, Cinemax, Boomerang, and many more.

How to sign up:

I am signing up for Amazon Prime Video today with their free trial, I have provided a link below for you to do the same. The trail is free and you can easily cancel your subscription before you are charged if you do not like it.

Does anybody have any experience with Price Video? Any grievances? Please comment and share your experience below. Thanks for reading! -Andrew

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