What Is Amazon Affiliate – How To Monetize Websites

This post will address Amazon Affiliate links, the insides and outs. I will provide all information required to start affiliate linking! What would this post be without posting my own affiliate links too(note the colored boxes throughout article)!

Amazon Affiliate, What are they?

Amazon Affiliate is simply a partnership between you and Amazon. You post affiliate links on your pages or posts, and anytime someone clicks on the link you posted and purchases something from Amazon, you earn a percentage of that sale. The commission rate is actually quite generous if you ask me; commissions are based upon the sale price, not the profit Amazon makes.

How to become an Affiliate:

To become an affiliate of Amazon, simply google to amazon associates and click “sign up”. I’m honestly not sure if there is an application for it as there is for WordPress associates, but if there is it is pretty immediate. If I remember correctly I simply clicked “sign up” entered my website name (preemiesandfamily.com) and was accepted instantly.

What are the conditions:

As long as you get 3 referral sales within a 6 month period, you are solid. If you fail to refer 3 people to Amazon per your links in the first 6 months you will be “auto rejected”(as the affiliate customer support employee informed me). However, I was told if you do happen to get “auto rejected” you are able to re-apply and will be accepted thus having an opportunity to try again.

How do I post affiliate links on my website and posts? I can not write code:

Fear not if you can not write code. Simply add a “button”(for WordPress) and post the “simple link” option of the product. Once you become an Affiliate you are able to log in to your associate account; From there you search for any product you want to post a link to. Once you get to the product you want to post via their search bar, click “get link”. See below.

This will take you to a page that offers a text and picture link, a text only link, and an image only link. Click text only and then you will have an HTML link, standard link, and short link. I am currently using the “standard link” option(under text only) as that seems the simplest for my website. The HTML link features a picture by the link you post, simple link does not. Figure out what is easiest for you and what works best then go for it. Example provided below.

What Products Do I Post Links To?

Post links to any product you like! If you are blogging about health post your favorite water bottle or pair of running shoes. Blogging about sleep well post your favorite mattress or blanket. Anything is possible. You can even post links that are not applicable to anything you are blogging about; this provides you a better chance to earn some compensation for all of your hard work.

How Long After They Click My Link will I receive compensation?

Great question asked by many. If you click my link right now for the next 24 hours ANYTHING you purchase from Amazon will be credited to me, as I referred you to Amazon. There is a trick where you can embed a cookie that allows you to earn commission from anything someone purchases within a 90 day window. I do not employ this tactic as it seems a bit unethical but I also admit I do not know how to do it. You post a link that adds the product to their cart when they click it and somehow that gives you commission for 90 days. If you do employ this method I do not judge you; like I said no one is getting rich unless they have a BOATLOAD of traffic and we all need to support our families.

What is the percentage you receive from Amazon:

A few of these categories may be slightly different now. This just gives you an idea.


I like to post these buttons because A) they don’t take up any space hardly B) They are relatively non distractive to readers C) They don’t take away from my content as I do not have to dedicate time to promote the item or tell people what it is. You can do whatever works best for you. Posting links with pictures is probably more appealing to consumers it just takes up more space. Figure out what works for you and apply it to your site. I also like entering custom messages in my buttons like “Denim Jeans, Amazon.com Link, Thanks- Drew”. This lets people know it is not a regular ad and it shows my appreciation to my readers.

Overall thoughts:

Unless you refer 1000 people to Amazon a month(who all make a purchase) you will not be able to earn a living off of this. With that said you work hard so don’t be weary to try to earn a couple extra bucks off of your work. You pay for a hosting site, you pay for your domain, you put in at least 200 hours of labor into your hobby a month; it is ok if you try to help pay for your babies diapers while you are at it. I will still view your site! It doesn’t discredit your work at all, unless you just post blank or poor quality posting with 1,000,000 links on it. I spend at least 45 minutes writing this article trying to help others so if someone is deterred by me using affiliate links I’m sorry.

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