Stocks to Watch Right Now

Amiss the recent hit the stock market weathered due to the trade war between China and the U.S., stock values have decreased. Nearly every U.S. company took some form of loss. If you think like me you realize the trade war will be sorted out and stock values will rise soon. Thus, while the market is lower than normal, it would be a good opportunity to invest. Below I have compiled some of the companies I am watching for long-term(2-4 year) investments. These are more secure investments and are not risky stocks with exponential growth potential.


Verizon is a secure, safe investment. This company is not going anywhere soon. March 27th, 2019 VZ’s share value was 60 dollars a share. Today, Aug 27th, share value is 57 dollars per share. Forwards dividend and yield are 4.25%. You are not going to strike gold investing in Verizon, but it will be a safe locale for your money,


Nissan has seen a slight decline in share value since the beginning of this year. Jan 2nd shares were 16 dollars and today they are 12.25 a share. I predict over the next 6 months to a year share value will reach 20 a share; Nissan hasn’t seen this value since May of 2018. Forward dividend and yield is a high 8.35%.; This would mean a dividend of about 2% quarterly, which is pretty good.


Kroger stocks have lost nearly half of their value since 2015. In 2015 they were around 40 a share and today they are around 23.12 a share. I think this is one company we may see growth in over the next year or two. Forward dividend and yield is lower at 2.68%.

Keep in mind these are just stocks that are think are likely to grow by at least 10 dollars a share over the next year or two. If you bought 100 shares of each I think increases in share value would be a worth-wile incentive to hold onto these stocks for a year or so.

Let me know your thoughts. What are so good long term investments you have been eyeing?

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