Best Way To Ace The Job Interview- Signs You Bombed It

If you follow these rules you are sure to ace the job interview. People like authenticity. With no further ado, I present to you my 6 tricks to guarantee that job offer.

Job interviews are traditionally unpredictable thus provoking anxiety and feelings of dismay. These consternations are warranted, as there are countless articles on the internet with advice for how to not be nervous before the big day. You are playing games in your head asking yourself “will I answer the questions right” or “I’m probably not qualified”. Perhaps you are thinking that there will be a better candidate than you, you need to relax. The first thing you need to realize is you would not have an interview scheduled if you did not fit the qualifications. Very rarely HR will select a few candidates who are under qualified just to fulfill the quota within their procedure. What I am saying is sometimes jobs know who they are going to hire but call in applicants for interviews so they can say they did their due diligence. There is a slim to none chance that is what is happening to you, so get your confidence up and relax. Here are some tips to help you ace your interview.

How to Ace the Interview

1)Remain Confident, but Not Arrogant: You got called in for an interview, you should be proud of yourself. Something within your resume whether that be credentials or experience has earned you an interview; you need to realize this. Be confident, you are not under qualified. Shake their hands and look them in their eyes, be down to earth. Many hiring managers want someone who is down to earth and rational as opposed to someone who thinks he is God. Carry yourself in a presentable, non arrogant fashion.

2)Answer Questions Like You Are Talking To Your Wife: There is no way to predict the questions you will be asked. Sure you will be asked the “what would you do in this situation” questions as well as “why do you think you would be good for this job” question. Other than those two, it’s impossible to predict what you are going to be asked. Do not sit around all day and attempt to predict what you will be asked, you will stress yourself out. Instead when you are asked hard questions take a second to think, and answer to the best of your ability. Don’t get nervous, just answer each question as you would answer a question your wife asked you(like how are we going to fix the washer).

3)Research Position and Job Duties Before The Interview: This is a big one. Having researched the position and duties before going in will REALLY give you an edge. This gives you the opportunity to refresh knowledge, as well as put you in a position to ask THEM certain job specific questions. This will not only show you care but it will show your work ethic and responsibility.

4)Be friendly to everyone: Self explanatory, just smile and be cordial.

5)Don’t act out of character or put on a facade: Don’t act like you are the happiest, funniest, smartest, most genuine, serious, of whatever it may be. Many people try to put on some form of facade during interviews to be perceived as who they think the interviewees want them to be. This is hog-wash, just be yourself and be professional. A facade will only put you at a disadvantage.

6)Thank them and call them by name: These people just gave you an interview. Thank them genuinely. If you really appreciate the opportunity they will be able to tell. Thank them for their time and the opportunity. Also, call them by name if you can, if you can’t remember stick with sir or mamn. Name calling will seem more personal, genuine, and it will show them you can remember important things.

Next up, signs you bombed/aced. Read below to understand there is no sure way to tell you did poorly(or great) unless they flat out tell you. Don’t take these “signs you bombed” or “aced” too seriously.

Signs You Bombed/Aced The Interview: Take these with a grain of salt. I was worried sick after my interview(from reading these things online) and I ended up making a really good impression and getting an offer. These are not solid evidence and How to Ace(above) is far more important than this section of the article. Also, if they did the opposite of these things it may mean you aced it; however, take this with a grain of salt as well.

1)They Seemed Distracted: If they seemed distracted to bored, that is not a good indication. With that said they may just be having a busy day. If they seemed very interested that is usually a good sign.

2)They didn’t discuss pay or salary: This can be a bad sign, however there are often multiple interviews and not mentioning pay may mean nothing. If they did discuss pay or salary that is potentially a good sign.

3)Didn’t get to know you personally: If they didn’t take 10 minutes to ask you about your dog don’t fret, they are probably just busy. With that said this is what some people view to be a bad sign.If they did ask personal questions it may mean your acing your interview.

4)The interview ended quickly: If the interview is cut short, this may be a bad sign. Interviews are typically 30 minutes to an hour. With that said it may mean nothing, it may just be a short interview. If the interview goes long that is likely a good sign.

5)They didn’t introduce you to co-workers: If they didn’t introduce you to the team, it could mean something. It could be completely normal too. If they do introduce you to employees, that is likely a good sign.

6)They didn’t say “You would be” when talking hypothetical situations: If they said “you would be or will be running the front call center” that is good. If they didn’t its ok.

Once again you can never truly tell if you aced of bombed it unless they flat out tell you. You may be picking up good indications and not get the job; you may pick up bad signs and end up getting the job. The first part of this article “how to ace the interview” is the only part you should study.

What do you think? Do you have an interview coming up? Have a funny story? Post below! Thanks

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