Be Inspired By Your End Goal

This post will concern whomever is currently working towards a goal in their lives. Whatever it is you do, or plan to do, you must not allow complications or hurdles to impede your progress and drive. Whatever it is you are doing, whether it is starting a business, learning a new skill, or pursuing a trade certification or a degree, you must remain constant. It can be hard to pursue goals that have no end in clear sight while simultaneously dealing with all other life obligations. With that said you will only cheat yourself if you give in before your pursuit has the chance to blossom.

Stay consistent: Take me for example, it took me longer than I would like to admit to earn my BA degree. I was always allowing myself to become sidetracked with what was right in front of my nose. I never gave up, and as difficult as it was for me to remain focused, I recently finished. Another example is my website; many doubt my commitment to this website solely because it is new to me and I have little experience. I intend to stay consistent and do whatever necessary to make my blog site successful. I have had this site for 9 days and have published 72 articles and have gained 43 followers and 106 likes. I will publish 1,000,000 articles if that is what it takes. The lesson here is don’t allow stagnant beginnings hinder your drive. Everything takes time to develop, I don’t foresee my blog being relatively successful for at least a year or two, none the less I intend to treat it as if I have a million followers.

Don’t loose sight of what is important: Don’t allow yourself to become obsessed with your goals to a fault. It is still important to keep your day job, spend time with your family, and take care of yourself.

Work Ethic: Although you must stay focused on what is important, you still need to make the best of your free time. I have managed to replace my lounge time/game play time with writing and website time. Make good use of your time and when you are devoting your time to your goals make sure you give it your all. “The key is not spending time, but investing it”-Stephen Covey

Politic: This may be the wrong word to use as it carries some negative connotations. What I mean by politic is reach out to others and hear what they have to say, share ideas, ask for feedback, and learn from each other. Everyone needs help from each other at one point in their life or another. Don’t be afraid to make relationships with others and ask for help. The support staff at WordPress is probably a hair away from blocking my messages; I always am asking questions to learn more.

Interact: Interact with those loyal to your goal. Follow people who follow you. Read blogs from people who read yours. Reply to comments. Interact with others who are striving towards similar goals, you may learn valuable information. You may make great relationships.

Keep Learning: Aside from working at a constant pace, you must be willing to learn at a constant pace as well. I have already obtained an abundance of applicable information in my short stint on WordPress. If I continue to learn at this rate my skill set and potential will triple in a short amount of time. Whatever it is you are doing: school, work, sports, ect. KEEP LEARNING. You will perfect your form in no time.

There you have it. Be inspired by your end goal and don’t let doubts or obstacles obstruct your path. Anything is possible and time paired with consistency is the key ingredient to success. Rome wasn’t built in a day, the only way to reach your goals is to stay focused. Thanks for reading and comment if you have any advice. Any success stories? Share below.

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