Bottle Feeds- Preemie

If you have been keeping up I’m sure you know our baby is finally bottle feeding. After nearly 4 months in the hospital, and 3 months with her only source of nutrition being liquid administered via IV, our girl is finally eating. If you have a preemie with stomach issues, especially NEC, feeds will be gradual initially. She started on 5 ML(NICU terminology “cc”), after a few days her formula intake was increased to 8ML. Each time the dosage changes the baby is expected to “handle” those feeds for a few days before increasing again. After roughly 9 days our girl went from 5 ML to 16 ML; we feel very blessed. The optimal fluid administration is 50ML, once our baby reaches 50ML she will be discharged from the hospital. If you are experiencing life as a preemie parent, your child may be subjected to different formula intakes. The nurses calculate the required dose based off of weight, age, and length of the baby. So although our baby needs to reach an intake of 50ML every 3 hours, your child may be required to do 30ML every 3 hours to be discharged. This post should serve as a testimony to preemie parents who are currently undergoing or who foresee the treatment of NEC. Our child was told she stood little chance to live, and 3 months later here we are. NEC will be very incapacitating to your child however it is very beatable with the technology present in hospitals around the world. Take it one day at a time, and focus on what is in front of you. If you worry about “what ifs” or “should haves” you will find yourself in a miserable mind state.

Refer to my other post for more information regarding NEC. Feel free to comment below and share your story if you have/will have a preemie. Thanks for your support.

Tips for parents:

ML and CC are the same thing. NICU nurses often refer to doses as CC instead of ML. Breast milk will be fed to your child if you can produce it, if you can not you will have the option to use donor breast milk. After a couple months the transition will be made from donor milk to formula, often though to be a result of monetary issues(donor breast milk is expensive). Hang in there and reach out if you need advice/help/vent.

Click links above to view preemie pacifier, as well as a electronic swing we are currently using in Vanderbilt Hospital. It features different settings as well as music; perfect for calming your baby. Thanks!

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