Best 6 Cars that Haven’t Been Affected By “Snob” Pricing

If you have heard of the VinWiki channel on YouTube, it is about time you catch up. It is one of the most popular car enthusiast channels on the platform; it is filled with comedy, insight, business experience, and many other topics pertaining to the car(especially exotic car) market. Perhaps one of my favorite guests, Casey Putsch, released a video regarding the best cars to buy that are relatively cheap. Casey is arguably the most insightful and mechanically advanced guests on the show. He has accolades beyond accolades and is considered to be very accomplished in his world. He recently listed the best 6 cars that are fast, fun, and cool but have not been affected by a ridiculous price influx. Here they are!

BMW Z3 Produced: 1995-2002 Engine 2.5L V-6 or 3.0L V-6 Transmission: 5 speed auto, 5 speed manual Price: 1997 Convertible 12,000(E-bay), 2002 Roadster 3.0 L $6,100(E-Bay), 2000 Roadster Convertible $8,950(E-Bay)

Casey said this is a model roadster with that authentic roadster vibe.

C4 Corvette Produced: 1983-1996 Engine: 5.7L V-8 Price: 1985 T-Top $8,500 w/64,529 miles(; 1985 Coupe $3,000 w/134,122 miles(; 1985 Coupe $9,500 w/47, 895 miles (

Casey noted this car was great for sitting on the front stargazing with a lady friend due to its fiberglass exterior.

Porsche 944 Produced: 1982-1991 Engine: 2.5L Turbocharged 4 cylinder; 2.7 inline 4; 3.0 inline 4 Transmission: 3 speed Auto, 5 speed manual Price: $15,499 w/36911 miles(E-Bay); 1986 $6,800 w/164179 miles(E-Bay); 1986 Turbo 4cylinder $6,044 w/76,000 miles(E-bay)

Casey notes these are perfect 50/50 weight distribution, winter capable with all road tires. May see influx in price soon.

First Gen Toyota MR2 Produced: 1984-2007 Engine: 1.5L Inline 4, 1.6L DOCH Inline 4, 1.6L Supercharged I4 Price: 1986 MR2 $5,000 w/128,500 miles(E-Bay); 1989 MR2 $3,950 w/ 181,500 miles(E-Bay)

Casey notes this will rust easily so be careful when purchasing and be cautious in winter conditions.

Early Dodge Vipers Year 1993 RT10-Engine: 8L V10 Price: 1993 RT/10 $39,999 w/19,000 miles(E-Bay); 1993 $42,995 w/7,450 miles(E-Bay)

Casey notes this is a low production car, highlighting the significant and potential price influx.

Aston Martin DB7 Produced: 1994-2004 Engine: 3.2 L Supercharged Inline 6, 5.9L V-12 Price: 1997 DB7 Supercharged 6 cylinder $30,500 w/36,500 miles

Casey notes the power and beauty of this vehicle. Shares a lot of parts with Jaguar.


How did Casey do? I think he got it pretty spot on. These cars are quick, classic, and respected by the automobile community. Luckily for us, they are not TOO respected thus they are priced reasonably. Casey predicts some of these cars will see in influx in value(perceived value) over time. So get to it car lovers, obtain one of these cars while they are still hot on the market!

You can find Casey on VinWiki YouTube channel as well as his own channel. Check him out at “Casey Putsch” on youtube. Thanks for reading!

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