The Effects Anesthesia Has On Preemies(or newborns)

If your preemie has an upcoming surgery I’m sure you have been apprehensive. It is a big deal when anesthesia is used, especially if it is general anesthesia. General anesthesia means the person will be put to sleep entirely, this causes concern that our babies will be put to sleep eternally. Do not allow your mind and these negative thoughts consume you. Although never waking up is a concern for any human being undergoing anesthesia, it is particularly worrisome when your preemie is that human being. Our baby has been put out completely a total of three times. When anesthetists calculate doses for babies and children, they do so off of weight and body size just as they do with adults. However, these doctors are masterfully careful with their dosages and titrations when dealing with preemies. There is no need to present statistics on anesthesia and preemies, your child will likely be fine and wake up from surgery. What you need to worry about is the post operative hurdles your child will be afflicted with for a short period after surgery.

After surgery your child will likely be very sleepy and disoriented for a few days. After our baby’s second surgery she was nearly incapacitated for a week. She was breathing fine with no assistance before surgery and she needed a ventilator(tube down throat) for a week after her surgery. This was difficult to witness as it seemed as if she was taking steps backwards. Another complication your child may be subjected to after a surgery that called for anesthesia is nausea. Your child may be nauseous and therefore throw up, refuse feeds, or just have a sick-like demeanor for a few days post surgery. One last thing your baby may face is breathing issues. Do not be alarmed if your child needs some extra help breathing after surgery. When anesthesia is used it often takes an extended period of time for certain body parts to awaken completely; whether that be lungs, brain(controlling the lungs), digestive tract, ect. So don’t spiral into a state of panic if your child hasn’t pooped for 3 days or is sleeping excessively post surgery.

Thank you for reading. Do you have a story about your preemies surgery? Are you going thru the same thing? Comment below! Be sure to check out my affiliate links provided above in the blue boxes.

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