How do you Broadcast Your Preemies Birth?

This is the ultimate question. How do you broadcast the arrival of your preemie? It is not like a regular baby where you just take a family picture and post it to FaceBook. This is completely different. Preemie babies are in the twilight zone, completely disconnected from society and its norms. If you post a picture you will be bombarded with a million messages regarding the well being of your child. If you don’t post a picture people will expect the worse. My advice?

Don’t post to social media.

If you are going to share your child’s journey do so on a platform like this(private blog/website) or share it with your family. I wouldn’t expose your child(who will likely experience multiple struggles) to the world. If you expose them once, you will have to expose them again. If they undergo a struggle, you will have to post that. It is best to keep your child completely off of social media until they are gracefully discharged from the NICU. I’m not telling you to keep your preemies journey private because I am suggesting something bad will happen, I am doing so because it will stress you further if you have people who you hardly know asking you questions about your child. As a NICU parent I will tell you your child will experience some hick-ups. You want to focus on your child entirely, don’t waste your time entertaining nosey people on FaceBook who probably don’t give a damn about your baby. When your baby is health and home THEN feel free to saturate social media accounts with their presence.

Do whatever you want

Do whatever you want, these are only my suggestions. Wait until you are home, or post on sites with NICU parents who can relate to you. If anyone can relate to you on Facebook it will be a very small percentage, so if anything share with them. My wife and I are currently observing a lady document every struggle and moment of her baby for everyone to see on FaceBook. As a NICU parent I have to believe it is for her own attention because we were too worried about our baby to do much of anything when she was struggling. Also, your child is very vulnerable when in the NICU, so respect their privacy as well. With that said it is your life, maybe we can agree to disagree on this topic. Share your thoughts below.

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